Tough Love Yarn by Love Fest Fibers

$ 56.00

Super chunky yarn like no other. Each vibrant ball of Tough Love is skillfully hand felted by their team in Nepal. Tough Love is super strong and resilient felt that gives structure to projects like you wouldn't believe. This rough and tumble yarn is fantastic for rugs, poufs, pet beds and baskets and is easy to work with by hand alone.

Yardage: Approximately 50 yards
Weight: Approximately 25 oz.
Suggested knitting needles: US Size 50 (25mm)
Suggested crochet hook: US Size U (25mm)
No tools necessary for many projects, just your hands
Care: Hand wash cold and air dry (the beauty of Tough Love is that it is already felt so won’t felt when washed). May be dry cleaned. Avoid direct sunlight to keep colors happy! 
Shedding when first working with a new ball of Tough Love is normal and will decrease with time.

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