Wanderlust Twill Woven Cowl Kit

$ 65.00

Blowing up the scale of a twill woven pattern brings a refreshing change to a traditional knit cowl.  Soft and fuzzy, and at the same time streamlined and sculptural, this woven contradiction is sure to become your favorite wintertime accessory. 

The kit includes:

+ 1 skein Knit Collage Wanderlust, 30 yds (27m), 7 oz (200g), 100% merino wool

+ Photographic Tutorial Instructions for Woven Twill Cowl, including three yarns/sizes

+ Cardboard Loom (11” x 14“)

+12” Hardwood Shuttle

+12” Hardwood Shed Stick/Pick-up Stick

+ Two Binder Clips

Frankie Twill Woven Cowl VIDEO CLASS and Pattern

Color :