Flax & Twine Teak Notions Box

$ 16.00

We are so thrilled with our adorable and very useful notions box!! This has been a little dream of mine to be able to offer a sweet little wood box for you to carry all the little things in your making bag! This holds a pair of Flax & Twine clippers, stitch holder, stitch markers, needles and all the other little things you might need. The top slides off, but is held tightly in place both by the wood and magnets that will keep it from opening in your bag! This is made of eco-friendly teak wood that has such beautiful color variations. Each little box is unique with its own wood grain to show off!  Of course, they fit the notions that I send with each order! 

Notions box measures:  5"x 2"x 1"

If you would like your Notions Box to come fully stocked, it will include:
:: Flax & Twine Clippers
:: Pin Stitch Holder
:: 4 Gold Stitch Markers
:: Dull Darning Needle
:: Sharp Darning Needle
:: Sharp Tapestry Needle

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