Valdani Bracelet Kit

$ 24.00

Perfect for any occasion, these beautiful bracelets are both quick and straightforward to make! Soft, hand-dyed Valdani Thread provides both an elegant striped pattern and a comfortable fit. Using a basic wrapping technique, you’ll have a cuff that’s a superb addition to any outfit in almost no time.

Each kit includes everything you need to make a lovely cuff or two:

:: Valdani Bracelet Pattern
:: One or two metal cuffs, and your choice of either 1/4" or 3/4" wide
:: One spool of Valdani Thread (73 yards) 
:: Sewing needle
:: Clippers

Each spool has 67 m / 73 yards, and the large bracelet requires approx 10 yards so you'll have enough thread left to make some of these other featured patterns:

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Pictured: Neutrals and Naturals (blue colorway) and Muddy Pots (red colorway)

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