24 Days of Glam: DIY Advent Gifts for Girls

I’ve been absolutely near to bursting with excitement to get this project out of the gate – I’ve designed 24 pieces of fabulous, glamorous and girly jewelry and hair accessories that even I go giggly over. I will be releasing one free diy tutorial each and every day of December up until Christmas this year – yowsers!

Its funny how these things strike. I never know what will bring me to my next creative project. This collection just seemed to spring up like it was meant to happen. It all started because my boys are obsessed with legos. They are obsessed to the point that when I saw the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar this year, I started jumping up and down. Luckily, the boys’ birthdays are close enough to the holidays to justify a birthday purchase for their advent calendar. But, this left me stymied for Allie. How could the boys have something special to open every day and she have nothing? That’s when I decided to make her a little something for every day leading into Christmas. I wasn’t sure I could come up with that many, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. I have had a ball creating each and every one of these designs. They are all so simple and easy to make – but they come out so darn cute! I am tickled pink . . . and blue and yellow and green.

I’m sure you have collected many fabulous ideas for phenomenal advent calendars this year as they abound across the internet. Well, here is your source for 24 different things to fill them with. Though I know the timing is a bit off for you to make each of these to fill the calendar, hopefully you’ll find some time to fill a few Advent slots and maybe stuff a piece or two into that stocking, or these would be perfect as Hanukkah gifts.

I’ll be posting a photo of and link to the tutorial for each piece of jewelry or accessory on a dedicated 24 Days of Glam page of my blog as each day of December passes. Starting December 1st, you can reach it by this link or the button in the sidebar. The page will grow every day with a new photo and link as the month goes on. At the end of the day (or should I say month?), you can go to one place to see all the goodies at once–necklaces, bracelets, hair binders, barrettes, headbands, rings and more. There will absolutely be something for everyone, including a few things you may want to make for yourself–or even a sister-in-law. Giddy to get started. Day 1 begins tomorrow.

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