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Kits & Patterns

Our kits and patterns make creating easy! Our patterns all come with detailed instructions and step-by-step photographs, and most come with videos. Our kits include everything you need with carefully-sourced fibers and tools to help you create something beautiful

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Hand Crochet Throw PatternHand Crochet Throw Pattern
Arm Knit Chunky Basketweave Blanket PatternArm Knit Chunky Basketweave Blanket Pattern
Sunburst Basket KitSunburst Basket Kit
Sunburst Basket Kit Sale price$ 44.00 USD
Giant Arm Knit Bunny Pattern & VideoGiant Arm Knit Bunny Pattern & Video
Naomi Nesting Bowls KitNaomi Nesting Bowls Kit
Naomi Nesting Bowls Kit Sale price$ 38.00 USD
Fabulous Floor Pouf PatternFabulous Floor Pouf Pattern
How To Arm KnitHow To Arm Knit
How To Arm Knit Sale price$ 6.00 USD
Knit Rose & Leaf Pattern & VIDEOKnit Rose & Leaf Pattern & VIDEO
Jessie Twined Rope Bowl KitJessie Twined Rope Bowl Kit
Jessie Twined Rope Bowl Kit Sale price$ 38.00 USD
Callie Linen Coasters KitCallie Linen Coasters Kit
Callie Linen Coasters Kit Sale priceFrom $ 36.00 USD
Calliope Basket Kit (Makes 2)Calliope Basket Kit (Makes 2)
Jojo Jewelry Dishes KitJojo Jewelry Dishes Kit
Jojo Jewelry Dishes Kit Sale price$ 48.00 USD
Autumn Baskets KitAutumn Baskets Kit
Autumn Baskets Kit Sale price$ 48.00 USD
Tannenbaum Ornament PatternTannenbaum Ornament Pattern
Tannenbaum Ornament Pattern Sale price$ 6.00 USD
Britt Felted Wool Bowl KitBritt Felted Wool Bowl Kit
Britt Felted Wool Bowl Kit Sale price$ 56.00 USD
Adeline Linen Dish Kit (Makes 2)Adeline Linen Dish Kit (Makes 2)
Bennet Bandana PatternBennet Bandana Pattern
Bennet Bandana Pattern Sale price$ 6.00 USD
Arm Knit Baskets PatternArm Knit Baskets Pattern
Arm Knit Baskets Pattern Sale price$ 6.00 USD
Linen Macrame Feather Earrings KitLinen Macrame Feather Earrings Kit
Bella Bento Bag KitBella Bento Bag Kit
Bella Bento Bag Kit Sale price$ 48.00 USD
Januka Felted Wool Basket KitJanuka Felted Wool Basket Kit
Januka Felted Wool Basket Kit Sale priceFrom $ 98.00 USD
Arm Knit Seed Stitch Blanket PatternArm Knit Seed Stitch Blanket Pattern
Chelsea Rope Basket KitChelsea Rope Basket Kit
Chelsea Rope Basket Kit Sale price$ 58.00 USD
How To Hand Crochet PDFHow To Hand Crochet PDF
How To Hand Crochet PDF Sale price$ 3.00 USD
April Basket KitApril Basket Kit
April Basket Kit Sale price$ 42.00 USD
Skye Linen Basket KitSkye Linen Basket Kit
Skye Linen Basket Kit Sale price$ 42.00 USD
Finger Knit Trivet KitFinger Knit Trivet Kit
Finger Knit Trivet Kit Sale price$ 38.00 USD
Sunburst Basket VIDEO &  PatternSunburst Basket VIDEO &  Pattern
Frankie Twill Woven Cowl Pattern & VideoFrankie Twill Woven Cowl Pattern & Video
Naomi Mini Bowls - Stack of 4, Group KitNaomi Mini Bowls - Stack of 4, Group Kit
Knit Linen Coasters PatternKnit Linen Coasters Pattern
Trellis Stitch Drawstring Bag Pattern - Mini and RegularTrellis Stitch Drawstring Bag Pattern - Mini and Regular
Trellis Stitch Drawstring Bag KitTrellis Stitch Drawstring Bag Kit
Trellis Stitch Drawstring Bag Kit Sale priceFrom $ 28.00 USD
Bennet Bandana KitBennet Bandana Kit
Bennet Bandana Kit Sale priceFrom $ 35.00 USD
Knitting Without Needles - Autographed CopyKnitting Without Needles - Autographed Copy
Tiny Crochet Heart Garland PatternTiny Crochet Heart Garland Pattern
Woven Patterned Bracelet KitWoven Patterned Bracelet Kit
Woven Patterned Bracelet Kit Sale priceFrom $ 44.00 USD
Jessie Twined Rope Bowl Pattern & VideoJessie Twined Rope Bowl Pattern & Video
Finger Knit Trivet PatternFinger Knit Trivet Pattern
Finger Knit Trivet Pattern Sale price$ 4.00 USD
Brooklyn Basket KitBrooklyn Basket Kit
Brooklyn Basket Kit Sale priceFrom $ 34.00 USD
Simple Knit Basket PatternSimple Knit Basket Pattern
Simple Knit Basket Pattern Sale price$ 4.00 USD
Garter Stitch Chunky Mitten PatternGarter Stitch Chunky Mitten Pattern
Arm Knit Ribbed Blanket PatternArm Knit Ribbed Blanket Pattern
Giant Hand Crocheted Heart Pattern & VideoGiant Hand Crocheted Heart Pattern & Video
Giant Crocheted Snowflake KitGiant Crocheted Snowflake Kit
Crochet Edged Dish Towel Kit (with Two Patterns)Crochet Edged Dish Towel Kit (with Two Patterns)
Woven Heart Jewelry Dish KitWoven Heart Jewelry Dish Kit
Woven Heart Jewelry Dish Kit Sale priceFrom $ 26.00 USD
Giant Cotton Squish Twined Bowl KitGiant Cotton Squish Twined Bowl Kit