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Crochet Kits

We're enamored with crochet's ability to let us create what we want. It's a beautiful craft full of refinement and lots of surprises.

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Bobbie Bobble Baby Blanket KitBobbie Bobble Baby Blanket Kit
Brooklyn Basket KitBrooklyn Basket Kit
Brooklyn Basket Kit Sale priceFrom $ 34.00 USD
Chelsea Rope Basket KitChelsea Rope Basket Kit
Chelsea Rope Basket Kit Sale price$ 58.00 USD
Christa Crochet Basket KitChrista Crochet Basket Kit
Christa Crochet Basket Kit Sale price$ 132.00 USD
Corrine Coasters KitCorrine Coasters Kit
Corrine Coasters Kit Sale price$ 34.00 USD
Crochet Edged Dish Towel Kit (with Two Patterns)Crochet Edged Dish Towel Kit (with Two Patterns)
Crochet Mini-Bunny KitCrochet Mini-Bunny Kit
Crochet Mini-Bunny Kit Sale price$ 28.00 USD
Easy Bunny Kit - CrochetEasy Bunny Kit - Crochet
Easy Bunny Kit - Crochet Sale price$ 38.00 USD
Easy Crochet Pumpkin KitEasy Crochet Pumpkin Kit
Easy Crochet Pumpkin Kit Sale price$ 44.00 USD
Giant Crocheted Snowflake KitGiant Crocheted Snowflake Kit
Lucy Pet Bed KitLucy Pet Bed Kit
Lucy Pet Bed Kit Sale priceFrom $ 76.00 USD
Not Your Granny's Granny Square Pillow KitNot Your Granny's Granny Square Pillow Kit
Ombre Mini-Heart Garlands KitOmbre Mini-Heart Garlands Kit
Ombre Mini-Heart Garlands Kit Sale price$ 36.00 USD
Pauline Flax Potholders KitPauline Flax Potholders Kit
Pauline Flax Potholders Kit Sale price$ 45.00 USD
Roman Café Bag KitRoman Café Bag Kit
Roman Café Bag Kit Sale price$ 108.00 USD
Rosalie Rope Basket KitRosalie Rope Basket Kit
Rosalie Rope Basket Kit Sale priceFrom $ 68.00 USD
Sandy Shores Handbag KitSandy Shores Handbag Kit
Sandy Shores Handbag Kit Sale price$ 48.00 USD
Shell Stitch Crochet Espadrilles KitShell Stitch Crochet Espadrilles Kit
Skye Linen Basket KitSkye Linen Basket Kit
Skye Linen Basket Kit Sale price$ 42.00 USD
String of String Hearts KitString of String Hearts Kit
String of String Hearts Kit Sale price$ 48.00 USD
Teeny Crochet Heart Garland KitTeeny Crochet Heart Garland Kit
Teeny Crochet Star Garland KitTeeny Crochet Star Garland Kit
Teeny Crochet Star Garland Kit Sale price$ 28.00 USD
Tiny Crochet Heart Garland KitTiny Crochet Heart Garland Kit
Tiny Crochet Star Garland KitTiny Crochet Star Garland Kit
Torrey Tote KitTorrey Tote Kit
Torrey Tote Kit Sale price$ 78.00 USD