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6 Easy Chunky Knits

Hey all! I hope you are doing well as we move towards this lucky leap year day. I, for one, am glad we have an extra day in Feburary. I need it! Don’t you? In addition to my regular work, I’ve been busy knitting away–both for a magazine feature, which I’ll be able to tell you about soon (something super little and cute!) and for a new series that I just have to start. Once I get working with a certain material, its almost impossible for me to stop with one idea. I seem to require exploring that material over and over until I’m done with it, or until something else catches my eye. As usual, with my series, there will be a button on the right hand side of my blog which you can click on to see the gallery of projects. This series will contain 6 Easy Chunky Knits with downloadable free patterns for you to enjoy!

I started working with Lion’s Brand Super-Chunky Thick and Quick when I began teaching at Common Threads here in Boulder this season. It is a nice wool/acrylic blend that, thank you, doesn’t give me the willies. Acrylic usually gives me a bit of an “eewww” factor, but this yarn is solid. The best thing is that it knits up super fast. If you wait for a good Joann Fabrics sale, you can get it at a reasonable price, too. Can you tell that my local knit store isn’t close enough to me for my taste?

My obsession with thick, chunky knits started by making this fabulous cowl with my class. I’ll post this pattern in the next day or two.

Then, I moved onto the hat that I posted about almost a month ago. You can download the pattern for this cozy hat here or on ravelry. Word is that it knits up big, so aim smaller if you are a loose knitter. I am a super tight knitter. I think this might reflect personality to some extent. . .ahem. . .

After those two projects, I just couldn’t stop. I have many more cute and fun things to come. One of my favorites this winter has been making this floor pouf with one of my knitting classes.

The pouf has been a huge success with every one in the family. They are easier to make than they look, and I will enjoy showing you how. Hope there is lots of fun February knitting happening in your neck of the woods. Much love and happy thoughts going your way!
xo Anne

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