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Action-Pack Feature: Chalk and Sand Art

Hey you guys! Get through those last two weeks of summer with some great activities, crafts and experiments from Whip-Up’s Action-Pack Issue 5: Chalk and Cheese. I’m so honored to have a project included in this month’s issue.
In Action-Pack, Kathreen Ricketson does an amazing job of curating beautiful and interesting projects for your seven to ten year olds. Perfect for those kids that LOVE to make things but have outgrown simpler little kid crafts. Kids make these things, not their parents. With guidance, younger kids can do these activities, too.
The project I designed is a play on my colored salt project, but we color sand from the beach instead (even cheaper!) and perfect for that last August beach trip before school starts.

In this art project, you play with painting abstract or realistic shapes, while exploring texture, color and color-mixing.

One of my favorite activities from this issue is this great sack to hold those pesky bits of sidewalk chalk that always seem to be scattered everywhere across our front yard. Cool!

Enjoy the last week or two of summer. Can you believe how fast it all flew by? Its a whirl-wind to me, but it all is, really. My dad turned 70 this summer! I just got back from a sweet trip to Atlanta to celebrate, where we spent the whole weekend playing golf. It seems like just yesterday we were spending our summers biking around the lake to feed the ducks and tossing a ball around in the back yard. Oh, how time flies. . . love you, Dad.

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