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apricot scones

Apricot Scones Recipe and Farmhouse Weekends Book Review

Apricot Scones recipe

Welcome, Flax & Twine readers! If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’ll know that I typically share knitting, weaving, crochet, and other DIY projects. Well, today, I’m sharing something a little different. I whipped up this delicious and pretty apricot scones recipe from my friend’s gorgeous new cookbook. And, can’t you just smell it? Yum!

Farmhouse Weekends books
Photo by Melissa Bahen

Today, I’m happy to share a scrumptious recipe, excerpted with permission from the new book, Farmhouse Weekends: Menus for Relaxing Country Meals All Year Long by Melissa Bahen. This is Melissa’s second book, and it is beautifully photographed and designed hardcover coming in at 208 mouthwatering pages. The very first recipe I wanted to try was the apricot scones. No matter what, you should follow her on Instagram and check out her tasty blog!

Apricot Scones recipe

Now maybe its because most of my ancestors are Scottish, but scones are my favorite pastry. I know some people don’t get this, but there’s something about the buttery goodness that I love. In an attempt to minimize scone consumption, I’ve always eaten them while out at coffee shops and haven’t made them at home. But now that I’ve tried out Melissa’s recipe, which blends almonds, coconut flakes, and dried apricots, I’m a goner. It’s simply too good not to bake and share with friends and family.

Apricot Scones recipe

It was so much fun to give this recipe a whirl! Melissa’s instructions made it easy. They came out absolutely perfect and delicious, with just the right combination of buttery goodness and a hint of sweetness. YUM. I cut my scones a little smaller making mini-scones, but you can make yours any size or shape that your heart desires.

Ready to make your own Apricot, Almond & Coconut Scones? Download the recipe here!

Apricot Scones recipe

I have to say, this book does make you feel like you live in the country with a gorgeous farmhouse – just looking at the book is an escape. Can’t you just taste the apple cider donuts, buttery and flaky biscuits, and strawberry freezer jam? There are lots of creative, updated comfort foods for every season. From the chicken tenders and corn chowder to biscuit-topped chicken pot pie, there are plenty of new dinners ideas to get you out of your regular weekday routine. And the selection of desserts are to die for. I can’t wait to try the homestyle chocolate cake, caramel sticky buns, and strawberry rhubarb crumble!

Apricot Scones recipe, Farmhouse Weekends
Photo by Melissa Bahen

Make sure to check out Melissa’s book, Farmhouse Weekends: Menus for Relaxing Country Meals All Year Long. Farmhouse Weekends lets you satisfy your craving for the good-old days. Yet you’ll find modern and up-to-date recipes with farm fresh delicious ingredients. Everything looks absolutely yummy! Go on! Go bake some scones for yourself.

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