Beginner Basketweaving Kit + Pattern with No Counting

Calliope Basket

Want to try your hand at basketweaving? I’ve created the perfect beginner-friendly project for you! The Calliope Basket is made from lightweight raffia with no counting involved. That’s right! It’s the perfect introduction to coiled basketweaving, and I’ve put together a handy beginner basketweaving kit with everything you need to get started.

This kit comes with 3 oz of Black Raffia and 3 oz of Natural Raffia. That’s enough to make two baskets like the one pictured. Or, combine it all and make an even larger basket. The pattern is also adaptable, so you can get a flatter platelike look or go for a more curvy bowl shape. It’s up to you!

Beginner Basketweaving Kit with Raffia

These beautiful Natural Raffia strands come from the raffia palms of Madagascar. It makes the most beautiful baskets! My basket measures 7.5" wide x 2" high, and since the kit provides enough material to make two baskets, you can easily make one to keep and one to give away! These lightweight baskets all come out with the prettiest and most unique look. Imagine what it will look like if you reverse the color scheme, starting with natural at the base and shifting to black?

Calliope Basketweaving Kit

One thing I truly love about this basket project is how the colors shift. Replace strands of raffia as you go, and you’ll notice and gentle and organic shift from black to natural giving this basket a truly unique look! All it takes is some simple coiling and sewing with a needle.

BUY Calliope Basket Pattern & HOW TO Video
BUY Calliope Basketweaving Kit

The Calliope Basket Pattern & Video comes with two finishes, simple and braided, to add to your weaving toolbox.

The complete kit comes with:
:: 3 oz Black Raffia
:: 3 oz Natural Raffia
:: Sharp Needle
:: Clippers
:: Muslin Bag to carry it all!
:: Calliope Basket Pattern and Video

Calliope Beginner Basketweaving Kit

Once you’ve learned this beginner basketweaving technique, you’ll want to make this project again and again! It’s so relaxing to just jump right in and start weaving without worrying about keeping count. If you are looking for a simple summertime project to take with you on the go or a creative rainy day adventure, give the Calliope Basket a try!

Looking for more in-depth approach to weaving? Check out my circular weaving video course.

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