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10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

So along with our table hunt I let you in on last month, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on modern dining room chairs in case the chairs are the component that drive our dining room table decision. There are so many chairs out there that have such gorgeous lines. I am a sucker for beautiful mid-century modern dining room chairs. The more sleek and interesting the lines, the better.

Unfortunately, sleek and interesting doesn’t always drive comfort, so it’s going to have to be a balance. My hubby says he doesn’t care what they look like as long as they’re comfortable. Uh-oh! This is always a point of discussion – comfort vs style. Does anyone else relate? I also have three messy teenagers so I can’t have something that is impossible to keep clean. They aren’t toddlers any more, so fabric is okay if it’s pretty sturdy. I also have to brace myself for the endless razzing I’ll get from my boys regardless of how nice the chairs are! By the way, this post does have affiliate links included.

Honestly, there are so many fabulous modern dining room chair choices out there. I thought research would help, but this decision seems to be getting tougher and tougher for me!

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

1. Wishbone Chairs

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

If comfort weren’t an issue, these wishbone backed chairs are what I would choose. Although the lines are simply gorgeous, I worry that there won’t be ample support across the back, especially for my husband. I want my dinner guests to linger as long as possible. They sure are pretty though!

2. Mid Century Upholstered Dining Chair – Velvet

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

What do you think of the velvet trend going on right now? These upholstered chairs look gorgeous, but I think it could be pushing it with the kids. I can only imagine how difficult they would be to clean. I love their classic and chic look. Of the fully upholstered modern dining room chairs in this list, this is my favorite.

3. Anders Dining Chair

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

With a curved back for modern appeal and support, this chair could be a winner in both of the categories of style and comfort. I love the elongated lines constructed from the beautifully finished ash wood. It has just enough character to stand out, while not distracting from the mixed textures in my space.

4. Mid Century Dining Chair

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

These modern dining chairs are simple and appear quite comfortable, which my husband would be all over. I love the lines of the back, However, the overall look isn’t as streamlined as I’m looking for. The legs are a smidge chunkier than I would like. Having 6-8 of these surrounding my table may be a bit too much.

5. Holm Chair

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

Constructed with solid ash wood, these chairs provide both style and comfort. The curve of the back is a little pointy for me, but the proportions are really well done. An added bonus? They nicely pair with some of the Rove Tables I am contemplating.


6. Mid Century Modern Scandinavian Solid Wood Dining Char (Set of 2)

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

Since the beginning of my hunt, I’ve always loved these. Nothing says comfort and durability like molded plastic! Also, the mix of black and lighter tones could go well in our dining room that has steel windows and light wood floors. An added bonus: they come in a set of 2 with a great price tag!

7. Classic Café Dining Chair

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

These chairs are simple and classic. I love how the choices offer an upholstered seat (comfort!), without being too bulky. They appear indestructible, too. A definite necessity when 3 teenagers will be abusing them daily.

8. Framework Upholstered Dining Chair

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

Look at how the seat on these chairs seems to be floating across the wood support? How cool! I also adore the sleek frame across the back! It definitely appeals to the modern feel and visual interest I am trying to achieve.

9. Adele Chair

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

The angles on this chair beautifully balance simplicity and sophistication. The cushioned tweed seat combined with a tropical wood finished backing seem to offer support and comfort. Also, if you interested in a subtle pop of color, the cushion comes in a dark blue!

10. Langham Dining Chair

10 Best Modern Dining Room Chairs

I love the look of these Langham chairs. Modern curves, mid-century flare, with contrasting materials are all elements that appeal to me. I think the bucket seat would be seriously comfortable. However, since I already have mixed elements in my dining room, these may just be too much. Not to mention, the price tag is quite high for me. Did I forget to mention I they need to be somewhat affordable?

Now the hardest part: the decision! What are your thoughts? Which of these modern dining room chairs is your favorite?

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