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Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches
Photo credit: @midcenturymen

Our new house on Elm Street is very modern. Coming from a house built in 1900, this is a big change. A change that I love. We are on the hunt for the best modern sofas to fit our new space because we definitely need an update in style. I have been shopping for couches (including this sven sofa above) and have rounded up a number of the best modern sofas around the internet. Doing this list-making always helps me decide what I like. If you’re on the hunt, I hope this list will help you, too!

By way of context, we have a black garage door in the middle of our living room, a modern gas fireplace, and steel beams overhead. The tones in my new house are cool – blues, grays, and blacks along with the bright white of the walls. I want my living room to evoke a warm, textural sense, and also one that is fitting in tone with its surroundings. I tend to always want things bright and white, yet I have to consider my family life with three teenagers, as well. Jewel-tone colored velvets appeal to me- goldenrod, green or navy. However, I’m afraid I may tire of the color and want to stick with neutral that I can highlight with pops of color as the whim strikes me.

Hopefully, this list of 16 of the best modern sofas makes you happy (includes some affiliate links).

16 of the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

First, the picture alone would make me buy this couch! It’s so clean and neat. The couch looks great in the space, but I’m not a huge fan of the three cushioned bottom and back. I feel like three-cushion couches tend to look messier. Although, it certainly looks fabulous here! The arms look a little high for me as well, but I love how they don’t extend to the end of the couch. It feels more open and inviting.


Only the Best Modern Sofas and CouchesPhoto Credit: @nicoleelise03

Emil Sofa

I love the sleek angled sides of this couch. It feels like a statement in itself. I also love how the legs match everything else in this room – very cool. However, It might be a little small for my crew.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches
Andes Sofa

I love the idea of velvet, and this sofa is gorgeous! But, I’m not sure how it will handle my teenagers. I love the low arms on this sofa and the overall low profile. However, the seat looks a little deep for me. I would be a little worried my legs wouldn’t reach the floor.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Club 3 Seater Rust Velvet Sofa

I love the low profile of this rust sofa. I think the proportions are gorgeous. There’s nothing out of place; it just looks perfectly balanced. I’m curious if the arm height is too high, or else the back may be too low.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Atwood Bi-sectional Sofa

What a great sectional! The Atwood is small and compact but equally inviting. Another attraction of this sofa is that it is designed for the chaise to be positioned left or right, therefore easily adapting to multiple layouts.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Campbell Sofa

I love this gray couch. It’s smaller arms give it a feminine flair while the dual cushions give it a balanced appeal. I also like how the cushions extend beyond the arms.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Paidge Sofa

This velvety blue Paidge Sofa is a modern adaptation of a classic silhouette. This velvet also feels a little more traditional, than trendy. Additionally, the sloping arms bring some femininity all while looking oh so comfortable!

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Holmes Sofa

I’m in love with this couch! This is definitely high on my list of best modern sofas! I love the tufted back – it looks so polished and clean. The thin frame appeals to me as well.

The Monroe Mid Century Sofa gets its vintage feel from the tapered wooden legs, and bolster pillows. It is very similar to Article’s Sven Sofa shown above, but sleeker with a thinner frame and taller legs.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Harmony Down Filled Sofa (92")

I find the four cushioned back on this couch interesting. I do love the layered look and the clean form of the couch, yet it seems a little too deep for my taste.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Wells Sofa

The thinner, lower arms on this leather sofa give it slender air, despite being leather. I especially love the tufted back and the sculptural look of the legs.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Tandom Sleeper Sofa

Whoa! It’s hard to believe this is a sleeper sofa! The ultra-thin arms give it such a sleek and dainty look from head-on compared to other sleepers.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and CouchesPhoto Credit: @ameliapresents

Sven Sofa

Here’s another version of the Sven Sofa from Article. I love the two pillow back combined the single rectangular seat. The tufted cushion adds to its modern feel. The two bolster cushions simply solidify the modern look. Another benefit is that it comes in a crisp ivory if I dare to go the bright white route! Plus, doesn’t it look cozy?

Only the Best Modern Sofas and CouchesPhoto Credit: @yliving_official

Jane Bi-Sectional

This sectional just looks ready for a Sunday afternoon in my home! The pairing of button tufted cushions and polished lines creates a style that would be adaptable to many spaces. This feels like a great space for kids to watch TV, yet still modern and fresh.

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches
Photo Credit: @yliving_official


Fulton Three Seater Sofa

The lines on this couch are sleek and organized compared to some of the others. If you could take a closer look, too, you would see modern lines continue in the detail of the hand-sewn French stitches on the arms, back, and seat cushions.
This sofa feels clean and neat. I especially love the dual cushions and well-proportioned frame.

Finally, I hope this list of the best modern sofas has helped you. I can’t decide if I’m better off, or more confused! Tell me, which is your favorite and why?

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