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Christmas Moments

Bask in the light. Do it, when you can. . .throw your head back, take a deep breath of fresh air and feel the warm sun on your skin. I have been trying to remind myself to do this, breathe, enjoy the present moment, feel good about accomplishments, and make sure I’m not ruminating too much about the future. Especially after the crazy month I had completing 24 tutorials in a row, I tried, this week, to slow down and enjoy my holiday moments. I have to tell you, too, I am thrilled to be taking regular photos again. It’s been wonderful to get my head out of my home made light box.
I delighted in pulling out my favorite holiday decoration, my Taos, NM incense pueblo, which is identical to one I had as a child. Piñon breathes Christmas to me.

I cherished the mantle,

complete with a photo ornament of each child from each year of their lives. They’re going to thank me for that some day.

We made our annual gingerbread house, decorated and designed, and, okay, fought over, by three creative kiddos!

We treasured skiing time with cousins.

We basked in a Christmas that, for the first time, we had all to ourselves. Here is the crew, waiting to go down the stairs to see what Santa brought.

What a beautiful Christmas morning.
That day, we took the kids cross-country skiing for the first time.

They loved it!

We had lots of joy and merriment and also quiet moments and simply time for time together.

I hope your holidays were filled with bright days and quiet nights. A few more deep breaths and it’s 2012. Get ready to forge ahead!

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