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Crochet the Sandy Shores Handbag: The Perfect Accessory

Ready for the warm summer nights and want the perfect bag to carry along with you? We are thrilled to bring you the newest in our line of crochet kits: the Sandy Shores Handbag! Coming in nine different colors, the Sandy Shores Handbags works as the perfect handbag, a stellar project tote, a cute handmade bag for your daily items, or the cutest organization bin you you’ve ever seen!

The Sandy Shores Handbag can hold anything from seashells to essentials, and can be carried with the crocheted handle or held like a clutch, under your arm with ease. The pattern includes different sizes allowing you to fit the bag to your frame, or intended items. 

Because of the unique pattern and structure of Flax & Twine Astrid 4mm Recycled Rope, the Sandy Shores Handbag can remain upright when not being actively held, which helps contribute to the versatility of the project. 

With Flax & Twine Astrid, we love the chic texture and interesting look that this rope gives the bag. Because of the rope’s sturdiness, this bag won’t stretch or sag like other handmade bags. The Sandy Shores Handbag comes in many different colors, but our staff’s personal favorites are Blush, Parchment, and especially Winter.

We at Flax & Twine love the feeling of walking around with the Sandy Shores Handbag in our hand or under our arm; and we especially love that when our friends ask us where we bought such a stylish, smart accessory, we can say “I made it!”


Check out the Sandy Shores Handbag Kit in our shop! The kit includes:


:: 1 spool 136 yards Flax & Twine 4mm Astrid Braided Cotton Rope

:: Size U.S. P / 11.5mm Crochet Hook

:: Locking Stitch Marker

:: Japanese Style Clippers

:: Sandy Shores Handbag Pattern and Video

Pattern includes sizing for S, M, L, which measurements are: S: 10" x 5.5", M: 11" x 6", L: 12" x 6.5".

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