Take a Look! My Dash Shawl by Knit Collage

Dash Shawl by Knit Collage

I completed my first knitalong! Look at my gorgeous Dash Shawl by Knit Collage. What a fun project! And, fast! Usually, I don’t participate in knitalongs because I hate feeling behind. Fun knitting always comes last in my world, so I am eternally behind. But, in this case, give me those size 19 needles and a week of vacation, and I do just fine! Plus, good news, I get to offer you 15% off anything at Knit Collage with the code FLAXANDTWINE!

Dash Shawl by Knit Collage

I love the boho, fringe-y feel of this shawl. I am a super neat and tidy knitter. In past years, a project like this with unevenly spun yarn would have thrown me into a tizzy. But, I must be loosening up or something, because I love the texture and the variety in the yarn and pattern. It feels organic and natural in a way I love.

Dash Shawl by Knit Collage

One note, I did run out of the main cream Sister yarn once I started doing the fringe. I went a little too far on the shawl because I wanted the length. I just used a little bit of super bulky yarn I had on hand, and I don’t think anyone will notice.

Dash Shawl by Knit Collage

Weaving in the Pixie Dust yarn at the end was super fun, too. It has just a bit of sparkle in there which adds a twist of fun.

Dash Shawl by Knit Collage

The Dash Shawl by Knit Collage pattern was super easy to follow and although it is lace, it was fairly mindless knitting, which I like for vacations. The shawl has more going on than I’m used to, but the neutral tone calms it down a little. And, with my simple dresses, Ts and jeans, I think it will fit into my wardrobe easily.

Anne Weil of Flax & Twine in Dash Shawl by Knit Collage

I even had Allie (who took all the model shots – talented daughter of mine!) take a photo of me. Go check out Knit Collage for all sorts of fun yarns. Amy’s fiber opens your horizons as a knitter in exciting ways. As I am busily working away on my next book, I can tell you her yarn makes for gorgeous weaving too!

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