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advent gift

Day 13: A Really Big Jewel - a diy ribbon and jewel bracelet

This one couldn’t be simpler. Really, though, I think it’s quite elegant. And, in this day and age of oversized everything–it fits right in. In fact, when I made the one in the tutorial (I made the initial gifts for A in a mad frenzy over three insanely crazy nights), I made it to fit me and wore it to a holiday party that night. Good news! Now, A and I will have matching bling.
You can get these jewels at the craft store, in the button section. They come with the holes pre-drilled. When I gave this one to A . . .okay, okay, she actually found mine in my closet last night. She said . . . “mah-mah?? Isn’t this miiine??” She got me. I ruined the surprise. She followed that admonition with, “I wish it were blue . . .” Ahh dear, the thankless. Pay-back? Likely. Well, she’ll just have to come with me to the craft store next time and buy a jewel to make one herself.
The clasp on this is a simple hook and eye. This bracelet should be snug around your wrist, almost like a wrist watch, so that the jewel doesn’t slip to the underside. So, make sure to get a good measure of the recipient’s wrist. I double-folded the ribbon at the clasp so that there is room to “let it out” for her when she out-grows it.
If you want more great and easy diy jewelry projects, just click here or on the photo below:

3/8" ribbon (enough to go around wrist +1")
1" jewel with holes
Hook and eye fastener

Time: 10 minutes

Start your thread about 1/2" off- center of the piece of ribbon. You want the jewel centered on the piece of ribbon. The thread should come up in the middle of the thread-width.
Attach the jewel by stitching through the hole multiple times.
Attach the other side, making sure the jewel is centered over the ribbon.

Finish the thread off in the back.

Measure your daughter’s (or your!) wrist. This bracelet should be snug to the wrist to prevent the jewel from sliding around to the bottom of your wrist (highly annoying). As I mentioned before, I measured my daughter’s wrist with an old black twist tie and the measurement worked for all the bracelets, be sneaky!

Fold the ribbon over approximately 1/2".

Secure fold with small stitches. This reinforces the attachment point of the hook and eye.

Attach the hook.

Attach the eye.

Trim the excess ribbon on either side, and finis!

Okay – enough with the super easy stuff! Tomorrow brings something a little more challenging–something that takes a careful touch and a tad more time. Are you up for it?

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