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advent calendar

Day 15: Pearly White - a diy bracelet

When you forget that birthday present you need, or need one more Christmas present to make it even, and fast . . .whip this puppy out in three minutes and your done. I am such a sucker for white on white. I think it is elegant and subtle and beautiful. And, yes, this is simpler than all simple – whew, isn’t that nice?

The pearl button came from a collection of “old” buttons, read new meant to look vintage, but I think you could use this style of bracelet to show off some stunning buttons you might find thrifting. If you want the bracelet to be firmer, make it out of a strip of off-white felt and it will be just as pretty, just as easy.

As always, for more of these simple (maybe not as simple as this!) and beautiful diy advent gifts or any day gifts, check out the rest of the gallery:

DMC 5 Embroidery floss
1" Corded elastic
Vintage button
13 – 15" of 3/8" ribbon

Time: 3 minutes

Cut enough ribbon to go around the wrist of your recipient twice, plus about 1 inch. I measured my daughter with an old twist tie and doubled it for this – sneaky me. Fold one end of the ribbon over 1/2". Sew on the button.

Finish off in the back by pulling the thread through the loop one or two times.

Fold your elastic in a loop. After you attach it to the ribbon, it should fit over your button when slightly stretched.

Measure on your recipient now, if you can, to get the perfect fit. Fold the other end of the ribbon and attach the elastic. Go up and down through the elastic cord at least twice. This takes a bit of effort to get it through, but will be sure to secure the elastic to the ribbon.

Then, whip stitch around the elastic, making sure the stitches look especially nice and orderly from the right side of the bracelet that will be facing out.

Finish off in the back.

Trim any extra ribbon and elastic.

Here’s the front side.

Tomorrow is that twisted peach and pearl necklace that I know you’ve all been waiting for!

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