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Day 20: A Rosette Bracelet - a diy jewelry tutorial

I was working to put my ribbon box back in order, which is in utter chaos after this series of projects, when I discovered this beautiful, gray and pink cotton ribbon lying next to each other. Gray and pink are so lovely together. After seeing them side-by-side, I just had to make something with them. This bracelet is the result.
The two cotton ribbons are basted together and the rosette is gray wool felt. I used this dragonfly button for the closure, which has been hanging around waiting to go on the perfect hand knit sweater. But, alas, despite many hand knits, it just never seemed to work out for the little dragonfly. Little did I know, my two dragonfly buttons were hanging out in my button jar for just the right thing–it just turned out to be for jewelry. I used the other dragonfly on this bow bracelet.

I made the bracelet without the rhinestone in the blossom to start, but it needed that little extra oompf, so I added it at the end. I feel like this bracelet is particularly girly. I like adding the flower off-center. This feels like a party bracelet, and I’m wishing you lots of girly parties in your lives!

If you’d like to see more easy-to-make jewelry designs, look at my gallery for the 24 Days of Glam Event, it will keep you and the girls in your life inspired and busy making for weeks!

6 – 8" of 1" cotton ribbon (try carta, inc for gorgeous ribbon)
6 – 8" of 5/8"cotton ribbon
100% wool felt
Thread (contrasting and complimentary)
1 rhinestone or bead
Craft glue
Button for closure
1-1/2" elastic cord for closure

Time: 45 minutes

Measure your wearer’s wrist and add an inch. I did this, very sneakily, with a long twist tie and used this measurement for all of the bracelets I’ve made for A. Because I added the rhinestone at the end, it and craft glue are not pictured in the materials above.

Baste your ribbon together. You can do this with a contrasting color as I did or in a similar color. Next time, I might try two row of smaller stitches along the outside edges of the gray ribbon.

Stitch a hem at each end of the bracelet by folding 1/2" over. I stitch at 3/8" and trim the remainder.
Add the closure. I used this cute little dragonfly button.
Make a loop in the elastic cord and sew it to the back of the bracelet, making sure you go through the elastic a few times to secure. I usually whip stitch around the cord afterwards, to make it look nicer.
Make the rosette.
Start by cutting out five approximately 1-1/4" – 1-1/2" circles out of 100% wool felt.
You will be making petals out of each of the circles.

Some of the petals you can make this way, by folding the circle in quarters

Some of the petals you can make this way, by sandwiching the circle into a clover shape. I made the center of the flower this way.
After you fold a circle, stitch it through its corner to hold its shape.
At the end of petal making, you should have a pile of these.

Now, stitch them to one another, starting with a center and looping in a outside petal. Add another petal to the rosette and continue until all the petals are used. Shape it as you go and by adding stitches where necessary to form it.

When you finish attaching all the petals, and shaping some, you have your rosette.

I glued the rhinestone into the rosette in an off-center spot.

Now, attach the rosette to the bracelet. I stitched it on off-center, but you could add it in the center if you’d like.

Party on, friends!

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