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DIY Easter Eggs in Party Hats

party hat easter egg diy-7162

I’m so excited about these quick little DIY Easter Eggs. Eggs are just so cute with little faces on. Last year, I gave the darlings little floral crowns. This year, I thought they needed some party hats! And, of course, they need a DIY floral backdrop, like any good, blog-crazy, diy-doing eggs.

party hat easter egg diy-7088

I have to say, coming across the pansies in the grocery store made my day. I am so ready for spring, and Easter always makes me excited for the promise of summer. I just knew they had to be part of my little scene.

party hat easter egg diy-7079

Making the little party hats was super fun and quick with the little party hat template and a pair of fringe scissors.

DIY Easter Eggs in Party Hat

Hard boiled eggs
Party hat template
Gold sparkle paper
Tissue Paper
Martha Stewart fringe scissors
Craft glue

party hat easter egg diy

:: Print out party hat template and adjust scale to suit your egg size. Draw around template with a pencil on desired decorative paper. Shape the template into a cone and use craft glue to secure a 1/8" overlapping edge.
:: Cut out 1" x 6" strips of tissue paper from a stack of 4 layers. Use fringe scissors (I have to say these are awesome!) or regular scissors to fringe both edges of the strip.
:: Fold the fringe strip in half with one end sticking up higher than the other.
:: With fringe pointing upward, use craft glue to secure the fringe strip to the edge of the hat.
:: Cut a smaller strip 1" x 3" and fringe both edges similar to above to make the top pom pom. Spin the fringe around the top of the hat securing with glue.
:: For little tufts, cut even smaller strips and spin them into little poms and secure with glue.

To make the floral backdrop, simply use a needle and thread to go through the stems of the flowers. Knot one end of the thread and use the other end of the thread to hang the blooms. I hung the flowers from three lines of thread hung above the eggs heads.

party hat easter egg diy-7072

This tutorial was put together as part of #12MonthsofMartha blogging team. Her team of 14 bloggers get a box of craft goodies each month to inspire us to create something lovely together for you! I can tell you I’m smitten with these guys!

party hat easter egg diy-7172

I hope you have a chattery good Easter yourself. More Easter Egg loveliness coming up this week.

party hat easter egg diy-7154


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