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DIY Locker Decorations: Dry Erase Board + Pencil Cup

diy locker decorations

I love dry erase boards. I adore the smoothness with which those markers glide across the surface. But, let’s face it, most whiteboards tend to be pretty ugly. Why not dress it up for your DIY locker decorations this year with a beautiful colored version? Turns out you can write on glass with those markers as easily as any whiteboard. This opens up all sorts of possibilities.

diy locker decorations

Next comes an old metal bandaid can turned adorable with a “schooly” stencil on it. Match your new dry erase board background and I’m a happy color-coordinated camper. You can even get super obsessed and paint the dry erase pen like I did!

diy locker decorations

I actually painted a couple different inserts for the board so I can change the color of the dry erase board with my every whim!

This DIY locker decorations series is part of the 12 Months of Martha program, which you can read about here. I loved the stencils that came in this box of goodies from Martha. With the adhesive silkscreen variety, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Don’t forget to go check out Instagram under the #12monthsofmartha for all the amazing projects coming from the other 14 talented bloggers part of this team!

For the other fabulous DIY locker decorations seen above check here and here. Here are the how-tos for the dry erase board and pencil cup.

DIY Colored Glass Dry Erase Board

-1 4×6" frame
-4×6 card stock
-Martha Stewart satin acrylic craft paint
-Dry erase marker
-Paint brush

diy locker decorations
:: Cut piece of card stock in size of frame. Paint it in your favorite color using 2-3 coats. Repeat for as many colors as desired.
:: Remove stand and hinge from the back of an inexpensive frame. Adhere magnets to the back. Insert desired color into frame as if it were a photo.

DIY Ampersand Stenciled Pencil Cup

-1 metal box (bandaid or spice box)
-Martha Stewart silk screen stencil
-MS satin acrylic craft paint
-Paint brush
-Sponge applicator

DIY locker decorations

Wanna shop supplies?

And there you have it. This concludes my DIY locker decorations series. I’m kind of sad. But, onward, school is about to start! I’m busy now trying to figure out how in the world I will pick up my 3 kids at 3 different schools this year and still manage to keep my head screwed on straight. Lots of love from here!

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