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DIY Personalized Embroidered Napkins

Photos by Ryan Liebe. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright ©2013

I am thrilled to bring you another fabulous DIY project from the pages of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. I absolutely adore this idea of having a set of napkins with hand stitched names for holiday visits and meals. What better way to make every guest feel cherished than by having something made especially for their use during a visit.

Photos by Ryan Liebe. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright ©2013

We have long used fabric napkins around our house. We each have different napkin rings to help keep track of them. But really, let’s face it, after a big meal, it’s just a big pile of napkins on the table (or floor, with my crew). With these beauties, you know exactly whose napkin is whose and they double as place cards at the same time!

You could do this project (see DIY instructions below) for your main Thanksgiving dinner, but I love these denim napkins for the family members staying with you. Each guest has their own lovingly embellished napkin to hold as they linger over that french toast morning or dig into those left over turkey and stuffing sandwiches while watching football (yum! I’m drooling just thinking about it). Plus, what a special way to welcome new family members to the crowd.

I am in love with this November issue, as always for the great craft ideas, but mainly because it finally got me to try to make popovers, which was an enormous success! Seriously, I thought it would be one of those souffle kitchen disasters, but look how gorgeous they turned out. They were so easy to make and absolutely melted in your mouth. Go get your November issue of Martha Stewart Living. Um, yum! you won’t regret it.

Photo by Anne Weil

Embroidered Napkins How-To

Ballpoint pen
Embroidery floss, needle, hoop
Photos by Ryan Liebe. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright ©2013
1. Handwrite name on a small piece of paper. Put transfer paper on a napkin and name paper on top. Trace name with pen.
2. Place napkin in embroidery hoop. Embroider name with stem stitch: Bring needle through to right side of napkin, then insert back through at a slight diagonal about 1/4 inch to right. Bring needle back up 1/8 inch to left, just above half-way point of first stitch. Continue stitching at slight diagonal, making all visible stitches the same length. Repeat for all napkins. (Go here for more instructions), go to

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