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DIY Sequin Accessories

DIY Sequin Accessories
Photo by Petra Bindel for Martha Stewart Living

I was thrilled when Martha Stewart Living asked me to share a full craft tutorial with you all this month. In large part because I had seen this project in the latest issue and was dying to share it! I absolutely adore these shiny sequin DIY projects. They are just perfect for some love and sparkle in the middle of a dreary winter.

DIY Sequin Accessories
Photo by Petra Bindel for Martha Stewart Living

Sequin accessories are always in style, and especially these. The pinks, whites and taupes . . .mmm! Add that color palette to the contrast of fuzzy knits or luscious leather against the shiny metallic bling–they had me at an instant! These are so easy to do and yet they add such a special, customized touch to your look.

These projects remind me of the monogram bracelet I did last year. I love monograms. Of course, go get the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living for more DIY goodness, fab recipes and gorgeous everything!

DIY Sequin Accessories

DIY Sequin Accessories and Style


Iron-on patches or felt
Fabric glue, such as Unique stitch
Flat sequin strands 4- 6mm in gold or silver or pink (about 3 yds per project)
Iron/sewing supplies
Jewelry chain and clasp
Tailor’s chalk
Clear craft Cement


Leather framed coin purse
Leather zipper coin purse
Collection cashmere sweatshirt
Angora nittens
Wire headbands
Cuff bracelet blanks, narrow and wide
Compact in silver and gold

DIY Sequin Accessories
Photo by Petra Bindel for Martha Stewart Living

Elbow and Heart Patches DIY

>> Print templates; trace onto iron-on patches and cut out.
>> Using fabric glue, attach a 6-mm sequin strand around perimeter. Continue wrapping toward center, overlapping each row slightly.
>> When you reach center, cut strand. Let dry 30 minutes.
>> Pin embellished patches where desired on garment. Turn sweater or mittens inside out, and iron over patches according to package directions (Do not iron directly on sequins.) Or, if using a loose knit sweater, stitch the patch on instead.

Collar Necklace DIY

>> Print templates.
>> Starting at perimeter, glue a 6-mm sequin strand onto felt. Continue wrapping toward center, overlapping each row slightly. If turns get too sharp, cut strand and start gluing a new strand in opposite direction.
>>Using needle and thread, stitch end of 6-inch length of chain to each side of felt collar. Add clasp to end of one chain.

DIY Sequin Accessories
Photo by Petra Bindel for Martha Stewart Living

Monogrammed Coin Purse DIY

>> Draw an initial on a leather coil purse with tailor’s chalk. Trace letter with a thin line of craft cement, then adhere a 4-mm sequin strand along line; cut off strnd and glue end. Let dry 24 hours.

Sequined Headband, Compact and Bracelet DIY

>>Working inward from perimeter of metal accessory, squeeze a thin line of craft cement and adhere sequin strand, overlapping each row slightly. When surface is completely covered, cut off strand and glue end. let dry 24 hours.

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