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DIY Wood Baby Mobile with Elephants

adorable diy wood mobile

I’m so excited for this sweet and easy DIY Wood Baby Mobile. Aren’t the little elephants so cute!? My cousin just had a beautiful baby girl, Olivia, and this is going to her along with a few other little goodies.

adorable diy wood mobile

I love the simplicity of the scalloped wood discs and the paper cut elephants. The discs look laser cut or purchased pre-made, but no, they are simply punched out of balsa wood with a paper punch–yay! Think of all the things you could do! I still adore these mini frames and note pad I did this fall with the same technique.

adorable diy wood mobile

The elephant adds special meaning to this gift as it stands for protection and good luck. Just the right thing to be twirling over a newborn’s head.

adorable diy wood mobile

The grays and natural wood are my favorite for a nursery, but customize this project to any nursery decor, simply change the motif and the color scheme as desired!

DIY Wood Mobile with Elephants

wood elephant mobile-5143


1/16" x 3" balsa craft wood
MS scalloped circle layering punch
Printed craft paper
MS elephant punch
Craft glue (not shown)
Sewing thread (not shown)
Sewing needle
1 5" embroidery hoop
MS waxed thread

adorable diy wood mobile

\\ Cut desired number of discs out of the balsa wood (I did five) with a scalloped layering paper punch on solid setting. (The balsa wood doesn’t fit in all punches, so its best to check that it can handle the balsa wood thickness before you start or buy.)
\\ Punch motif (elephant) out of printed paper in desired color scheme. I used three different but tonal prints.
\\ Glue paper motif (elephants) to both sides of the wooden discs, making sure that they are facing upright and are even on both sides for hanging. (i.e. one elephant isn’t upside down while the other is right side up!)
\\ Use a needle and sewing thread to bring lengths of thread through desired location on disc. (Don’t pay too much attention to the last photo – I started with the waxed cord to hang but found it too clunky. You need the lightness of the sewing thread to let the discs hang and sway.)

adorable diy wood mobile

\\ For each disc you bring the thread through, double the thread and tie an over hand knot making a large loop. Work to make the loop lengths variable. My loops ranged from 4" to 6" of hanging length from the knot to the top of the disc.
\\ Bring one end of the thread loop underneath to the inside part of the embroidery hoop, leaving the wood disc on the outside.
\\ Next bring the disc up over the embroidery hoop and through the thread loop. Tighten the thread around the hoop.
\\ Repeat last two steps for all five discs. Check that hanging height for each disc is to your liking.
\\ Cut four 10" lengths of waxed cord. Tie each length to the embroidery hoop with a square knot at even intervals. Hold the four lengths together such that the hoop rests level. Tie all four strands together in an over hand knot about six inches above the hoop. This may take a little bit of futzing to make sure the hoop will end up even, but you’ll get there. The waxed thread helps the thread slide a little when you need to adjust the length.
\\ Fold the additional length of cord over, forming a loop. Tie another overhand knot, keeping loop intact. This forms a hanging loop for your mobile. Hang above your favorite baby’s head for endless delight or just decorative fun!

voila! and happy new years! Here’s wishing you a year full of happiness and good luck!!! xo anne

adorable diy wood mobile

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