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Adorable + Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern

easy crochet bunny pattern

Isn’t this the cutest bunny family you ever did see? I saw this easy crochet bunny pattern last week and I knew I wanted to give it a whirl. I made some small modifications to it, which I outline below. I’ve always loved bunnies – they are just so darn cute. Yes, I was the girl that wanted a bunny stuffy every single year for Easter between the ages of 5 and, okay, maybe even now. Won’t the Easter bunny bring me a little stuffed bunny this year??

easy crochet bunny pattern

Well, these little nuggets may have to suffice. I can imagine these little guys strung up as a garland or on long toothpicks as Easter cupcake decorations – what a cute little cake topper! Or, add a pin to the back for a lovely little lapel pin. What about these stretching across the yoke of a sweet little girl dress? . . .sigh, I may have to do that for my new baby cousin!

easy crochet bunny pattern

I found this easy crochet bunny pattern from Sparkles of Sunshine when I was tooling around Pinterest the other day. It is a quick little pattern and quite easy. I knew with a couple of changes I would adore it!

Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern Modifications

(Find the the original pattern here)

:: For the smaller bunnies, I used Quince & Co Sparrow, which is a stunning linen yarn, and a size 0 hook. For the bigger mama bunny, I used a boiled flax twine that I had a sample of and a bigger hook.

:: After the you complete the center circle with 13 double crochets, instead of doing a single crochet in each of those stitches, I made two single crochets in each stitch so that my circle curled less. (The one exception is the little baby bunny for whom I ran out of yarn, so he has only one single crochet per double crochet, and little white ears!)

:: I made a pompom for the mama bunny, here’s how: 1) wrap yarn around two of your fingers, 2) tie a piece of twine tightly around the middle of that bundle, 3) cut the loop ends, and 4) trim until you make a circular pom pom (Making a bundle is my little cheat for all pom poms – don’t forget to check out my method for bulk pom poms!

:: I made the tails for the little bunnies with a pile of 5-7 french knots (see below). french knot tails on crochet bunnies

:: I made little pink noses for each of the little guys, by whip-stitching 2-5 stitches around the outside of the bunny at the turn of the face.

I mean, really, the cuteness is too much!

easy crochet bunny pattern

Go on, attach them to cards with ” I hop you have a wonderful Easter!) and send them to your relatives. Arrange them in a nest in these eggs and make them a part of your Easter Egg hunt. Weave them on to the top of these and put them in a floral arrangement! I can think of so many fun ways to use these little guys!

easy crochet bunny pattern

And, never you fear, I have some more delightful bunny news coming your way!

easy crochet bunny pattern

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