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My sweet husband and I have now officially been married for 11 years. ELEVEN! Somehow that seems big, a new decade. Just wait until I tell you what he did for me this year. It made me cry–partly because I’m an emotional kind of gal, but mainly because it was just so exceedingly thoughtful. It made me bubble over with feelings about why I fell in love with this guy. I wanted to share some with you. My husband is kind, smart, funny, and has a little tender spots that endear him to me. Here are eleven small ways in which he makes me happy, he

:: makes me laugh
:: gives me the socks off his feet if mine are cold
:: loves to hike, run, bike, ski and generally hang out with me
:: remembers more facts, science and stories than I could ever have imagined one brain could hold
:: listens to what I have to say and doesn’t run away if I get mad
:: gets out of bed, after we’re both settled, to get me lip stuff or aspirin or water
:: remembers the things I always forget
:: gets up in the middle of the night for kiddos because he knows I can’t fall back asleep
:: makes sure I have time with my friends, for exercise, for myself
:: loves on and does more for our precious kiddos than I could possibly express
:: supports me no matter what

Sounds like a dream guy, right? Well, in so many ways, he is. But, there is one major shortcoming that is hard to take. Here it is . . . Sandy is NOT into making or crafting or anything visual AT ALL! He doesn’t do it, he doesn’t like it, he certainly won’t attempt it with the kids and he has a hard time getting why I do it. Hrmph!–this leads to a lot of frustration over lack of enthusiasm. Luckily, I have all of you out there to cheer me on. This anniversary, my husband and I decided to keep the anniversary on the down low in an attempt to save some bucks–no gifts, no fancy dinner.
We went on a beautiful hike to celebrate the occasion. It is one of our favorite joint pass-times and seemed a perfect way to commemorate 11. We saw so many beautiful things along the way, big and small.

The hike was a serious hoof – a lot of elevation gain up some pretty slick granite. But, there was a lot to be gained, as well. To me, the hike was more than enough. Imagine my surprise when Sandy tells me he has something for me. What?? I thought we said no presents. He says, “Its no biggie. I just made you something small.” MADE?!!?? What?

A friendship pin . . .

“Will you be my friend, forever?”

I know its a safety pin and three beads, but it just made me melt. That it occurred to him to make it . . . HIM!! MAKE! . . . that he heard me telling the kids how I used to make them and what they meant to me, that he actually took the trouble to rummage around and find the most perfect beads . . . like I said, tears. Little things that can mean so much.

Now, no marriage is perfect and they all are up and down. Certainly marriage can sometimes feel like a hoof–a huge effort over steep, slick rocks or up slippery, crumbling gravel. But, you keep going, even when its hard to find the way. You keep at it, you grab that branch, finally see the trail marker, or find that toe hold you need and up and onward you go. And then, just look at the view from the top. . .

Happy Anniversary Sandy!

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