Embroidery Thread Wrapped Hoop Earrings–a Finish Fifty Project

::UPDATE:: Since EZ’s blog is closed now: ? and the content is inaccessible) I have updated this tutorial on my blog. You can find the tutorial for the Embroidery Thread Wrapped Hoops HERE
I hinted at these lovely hoops a couple weeks ago in this Mid-Make post. I absolutely love how they turned out. I am happy and honored to be presenting them as a guest-poster on Creature Comforts today. I’m sure you are all familiar with Ez’s Blog, which is a huge inspiration to me. If not, get ready to be completely taken by her loveliness. These hoops are a Finish Fifty project also! yee-haw!
Two weeks ago, Ez moved across the country from Oklahoma to California. Given my recent uprooting, I am espeically sympathetic to the insanity she’s going through right now. The empathy I have for her makes this guest post all the more meaningful to me, in hopes that I am relieving her moving burden in some small way.
I originally made a neon green version of these hoops for an 80s Halloween party–perfect under the black lights! When I went hunting for a little neon-y bling, all I found was a hank of neon embroidery floss I had just purchased, and the idea of the hoops were born. I made them in the car on the way to the party–nothing like a little crafting on the go. They were fabulous, but, of course, I wanted to do a tutorial for you all. So, the hoops ended up on my list to finish back in October. Well, finally, here they are.
They are so customizeable and easy to make, you’ll soon have a pair for every outfit!

Pop on over to Creature Comforts and give them a whirl!

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