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finger knitting

Finger Knitting Obsession

Okay, I think I’ve created 3 montsters – knitting monsters . . . YAY. My three kiddos (ages 5, 7, and 8) woke me up this morning at 6:30am so I could help “start them” on their finger knitting. I’ve tried to teach full needle knitting before, but I have discovered they haven’t much perseverance for it. I should have remembered – start SIMPLE (didn’t I just post about that?) So, I was actually thrilled at the early morning wake-up. Here they are knitting in pjs, not far from bed . . .
Here’s how it happened . . . It was the strangest thing, I was going along the other day minding my own business (okay, I was doing the mountains of laundry that I can’t seem to get through – why is always my business?) and I had a blast out of nowhere. I think. you can knit. on your hand. simply. . . . a vague thought – ack – how do you do it? I couldn’t picture it at all. I can’t even say that I remember doing it as a kiddo myself. Still, I picked up a skein of yarn with vague notion in my head. Before I even thought about it, I proceeded to whip out a long chain. I think I must have done it a lot as a kiddo, lots of muscle memory there. I did YouTube it so if you want to learn how, go here.

First, I taught my middle guy, who loves to just hang out together. We sat side by side in his bed, I knitting a gorgeous cowl from Quince & Co on my needles; he a scarf on his fingers.

“Mom,” he asked, “Can we have a knitting night every Sunday?”

Oh, any night, my boy, any night!

Then, the other one wanted to learn, and then, the third. They picked it up in a breeze and haven’t stopped since. Baillie, below, finger knit three long strands and braided them together. “Mom! This is going to blow the girls away!” I love it! My daughter did a sweet little scarf and embellished it with a bow. What a sweet and organic surprise this turned out to be. Happy times.

Thanks for reading.

Anne Weil

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