It never ceases to amaze me how hard it is to do something new, expecially when it’s something having to do with technology. To me, it seems like everyone can zip around computer and software programs so easily and there I am staring at the most basic of basic things saying, what!? how do I do that?, how do I lock the aspect ratio?, how do I choose just the text?, how do I color the text?, how do I size this so it fits? (see how it doesn’t above), how can I get it just how I want? I feel like it must take me HOURS longer than anyone else to do the simplest of things. I flounder around on the internet at times trying to ferret out a better way to do something, only to be stymied by all the information and posts and text out there. I tuck my tail between my legs and go back to clicking and clicking, shuffling though the menus, hoping I’ll get it right.
Then, as I was finishing off the new banner for the sophisticate cardigan knit-a-long (kal), Whew – yes, I love it! I was thinking, is this how “non-makers” feel when they look at knitting needles, a crochet chart or an embroidery sampler?
Do they think, “What the . . !??” Are they floundering around YouTube looking for a semi-decent video explanation of how to “psso?” Do they see a pair of knitting needles and feel their stomach curdle like a sippy cup of three-day old milk? That’s how I feel when Illustrator starts bouncing at the bottom of my dear old Mac, mocking me that I have to do something graphic. I love the design aspect, but it’s the doing of it that strikes fear into my heart. Is this just practice? A good class? Patience?
Then I think, what would I tell a new knitter staring with frustration at their hands which just can’t seem to hold those needles right: take your time, it takes practice, it will get easier, we were all where you are once . . . .
And, after all the work I did trying to design a new header, shown above, I decided it was too limiting to reflect everything this blog is about. There are the kids, but where is the making. Hmmm . . . back to the drawing board. Practice, right?
P.S. Just as I was wrapping up this post, I somehow deleted the whole thing and when I went to “undo” it was too late . . . I had to rewrite the post. I HATE that. I think my computer is laughing at me. May technology be with you today.

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