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Girls DIY Diamond Barettes - a year of handmade gift

These are the easiest and fastest little barrettes you ever will make–but they are so darling! Who doesn’t want to wear diamonds in their hair!
I almost didn’t do a tutorial for these because they seemed so simple. But, I figure the tutorial might encourage some new maker to give it a go, or inspire others to make something easy and quick. The barrettes make a great addition to any gift you might be giving a little girl in your life. Or, it would be fun to make an entire collection barrettes, each with a different sparkly trim. I actually originally made these barrettes for the 24 days of glam collection, but replaced them with something else at the last minute. I think they knew they were needed to complete Lily’s little birthday package. And now its done, the monogram bracelet, the pearl combs and the barrettes together make up the jewelry set I made for my 9 year-old niece.
The entire gift for Lily is part of my a year of handmade gift series. Click the photo below for tutorials to make all the things I’ve given this year–all handmade gifts all year long!
Below is the tutorial for the barrettes. The next gift on my schedule is for my 6 year old nephew. Oh, and some Valentine’s Day gifts for the kiddos. So keep your eyes out for what’s coming up next! Make a few of these to fill a heart for your valentine!
Glue gun
Barrettes (found in jewelry section at craft store)
plastic crystal/rhinestone trim

Plug glue gun in to warm up. Measure out length of trim to fit each barrette and cut.

Apply glue to back of trim.

Press trim to barrette quickly before the glue has set.

Repeat with the second barrette and finis!

Happy February to everyone. The year is already cruising by! Hope folks are enjoying some happy snowy days!

xo anne

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