Glitter Heart Key Chain DIY

I’m in love with this project. I love the shiny heart against the wood of the birch disks. Once Allie and I started making these sweet things, we couldn’t stop. I don’t think of myself as a girly-girl, but I do love me a little glitter. There is something about it that simply brightens my day. Plus, the hardware store where we got the ball chain gave us a whole bag of awesome mis-cut keys. We were beside ourselves. Glitter, hearts, cool ball chain with the snappy clasps (didn’t you just love those when you were little?), and old unknown secret keys made for a dreamy afternoon!
Easily add these little disks to other wardrobe pieces. Give a little punch to your tote or sparkle to your favorite zipper pouch. I even attached one on to our dog, Lucy, for a little Valentine’s Day love.
This is my new wood backdrop in action. What do you think? I’m so used to white, I couldn’t bring myself to use it in full, yet. I’m still playing with how it looks best. The wood is so old and ancient looking, full of stories. . .
I think you should whip up a bunch of these and give them as school favors. It’s an easy project for kiddos to do. I guess it helps that Allie goes to an all-girl school, but even boys don’t mind a little shine now and then!
This is my latest 12 Months of Martha project. My other Valentine craft for this season, the Photo Party Poppers just landed on today. I’m so excited. Go look here!
Glitter Heart Key Chain DIY
Glitter Paper (12 x 12)
Craft Glue
Screw Eyes
Hammer (not shown)

Nail (not shown)

1// Punch out hearts in desired colors.
2// Place a small amount of glue on back of each heart.
3// Attach a heart to each side of birch disk, let dry. Repeat for as many as you want to make.

4// Apply decoupage glue and sealer to each side of birch disk, applying evenly over the sequin heart.
5// Let dry. So easy to make lots! I’m in love with this tray!
6// Hammer a small nail into the top of the birch disk and remove nail.

7// Twist screw eye into hole created by nail.
8// Use hammer back to screw in eye all the way.
9// Attach ball chain and closure. Add keys! or attach to bag or zipper . . .

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