Gone to Have Fun

Gone To Have Fun

I was skiing with my family last weekend. Cruising down a beautiful blue groomer, I followed the pack of them from behind, as I usually do. I watched my daughter fling her arms open wide and lift her head to the sky and close her eyes. Eep! I thought, open your eyes!! She urged me, “Try it Mommy!! I feel like I’m flying!” So, I did. I flung my arms wide, let the wind catch my hair and face and let it all go just for a few seconds. And, didn’t that do just the thing. I felt full of joy and freedom. I was free of “it” all for just a moment, free from the worry, the list, the anxiety to keep it all running, to keep everyone safe. It was fun! Just fun.

Gone to Have Fun

Allie reminded me as she always does, how important it is to just have fun, to play, to enjoy whatever it is for what it is. Our little ski adventure convinced me. She had a spring break coming up, one that doesn’t fit with her brothers. I searched for the cheapest flights I could find and I am taking her to the beach in Mexico. We are going to play, in the ocean waves, in the pool and all the places in between.

I am not going to blog this week, other than this notice. I’m Gone to Have Fun! Try it! You may just feel like you’re flying!

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