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Hand Embroidered Note Cards for the Kids to Make

Well, its Petite Purls time – Yay! I am lucky to now be writing a regular craft column for them. This issue, I did a kiddo version of my hand-embroidered note cards. If you aren’t familiar with this wonderful quarterly kids’ knitwear magazine, you really must go explore it. They have adorable, modern, kids’ knit and crochet patterns, but always include some fun craft and sewing DIYs as well. My past contributions to the magazine include: Wrapped with Love: A Handmade Gift Bag and A Cozy Pillowcase DIY.

The cards are designed and stitched by your little ones to display their thanks in a touching and stunning way. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce your kiddo to embroidery AND make writing thank you notes a tad more interesting. Or, use this project as a way to advance your child’s stitching techniques.

My daughter adored making these. More than that, she loved joining her mama for some side-by-side making time. The next day, she said to me, “Mama, it’s time for our stitching time!” And, my son said, “I wanna do one of those!” Ah, the sweet sound of success!

This issue is all about winter and warm accessories, including a fabulous mitten pattern by wonderfully talented quilter and friend Annik Miller of Mini Mushroom, a stunning scarf by Angela Tong, and many more. Go check it out soon!

You can always do the notes adult style – and look what you can make. So excited about my Year of Handmade that I accidentally committed to for the New Year. I’ve been pulling everything together to get that feature started, including a cool new button and a flickr group. Plus, I’ve already made 4 little gifts, including more jewelry and something for a boy! that are super-fun. Can’t wait to show it all to you!
xo anne

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