Happy Valentines Day 2012

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Here is a doodlebuddy drawing that Allie sent me a week ago via email with the subject “love.” Love, indeed. It amazes me that you can pass them your phone for five minutes and they have a work of art in your inbox before you even blink. As usual, Allie doesn’t limit her loving ways to Valentines Day, as none of us should. I wrote about this on this last Valentine’s Day and the sentiment still holds. Why save everything up for one big day? Spread your love around each and every day – we all can use it.

Still, you can’t let Valentine’s Day go by without a special gift, and the room signs were a big hit this morning. I think they especially liked that each sign was specifically tailored for each of them. Of course, within 5 minutes, Allie had drawn on hers. She scrawled DO NOT COME IN in permanent sharpie. She even added an underline to the silent “e” pointing to the “o” – very much the scholar! I have learned that she will place her own mark on anything I give her. I try to cover up my cringe, smile and encourage her creativity and the courage to add her own voice. Regarding the exclusive sentiment, I think that you can’t avoid those “Keep Out” notions from little ones craving a defining of their own private space. And so our little valentine’s day moves onward.

I might just buy myself some tulips today. They are my favorite! Happy, happy day to all of you. Keep your eyes out – I’m posting the finger knitting rug tomorrow!

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