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american made

Head Over Heels: American Made 2014

American Made-2992
Photo by Anne Weil

Here I am catching you up belatedly on all I have to share with you. This year, I was invited by Martha’s Circle, my advertising network, to attend Martha Stewart’s American Made 2014 Awards. The event was held at Martha Stewart’s Headquarters in New York City to celebrate makers, creators and innovators in America. What a treat! I lived in New York for over 7 years in my 20s, so I always love going back to visit. The city’s color and texture and the resulting ever-changing fabric have always enthralled me. Just look at the identical views above and below, and yet the different look and feel just 14 hours apart.

American Made-2970
Photo by Anne Weil

Also, can you imagine being able to style shoots with the flower district at your finger tips? Incredible.

American Made-2967
Photo by Anne Weil

The American Made 2014 Awards were awarded by a team of 16 judges with Martha at the helm. They reviewed over 3,200 small businesses to choose the winners in multiple categories. You can go here to see all the selections, but I will share my favorite two here today.

American Made-3742
Photo by Anne Weil

The first maker I fell Head Over Heels with was one of the Crafts winner, shocking, I know! Chinami and Rowland Ricketts, of Ricketts Indigo, are an amazing couple who create home textiles literally from scratch. To begin with, they grow the indigo plants, process the indigo to dye and then, design and hand weave the fabrics – wow! I cannot describe how stunning these textiles were in person.

photo from Ricketts Indigo
Photo from Ricketts Indigo

My next favorite was American Made winner was in the Design category, Floret Flowers. Floret is owned by Erin Benzakein, a leader in the sustainable flower movement. She is a floral designer and teacher but also a farmer(!) growing most of the plants and flowers she uses in her designs. Stunning!

Photo from Floret Flowers

Below is a design she did specifically for the event.

American Made-3744
Photo by Anne Weil

and, this crown!

Photo from Floret Flowers

Really, Erin’s site is so full of loveliness, it was hard for me to leave! For both these makers, Erin and the Ricketts, the idea of going from dirt and seed to works of such stunning beauty captured my imagination in every way.

Untitled 2
Photo from Floret Flowers

Now, getting back to the event–the food was phenomenal and well presented. I love this Instagram I got of the homemade granola bar snack.

American Made-2996
Photo by Anne Weil

Or, look at these Moscow mules from the cocktail party the night before, orange and jalapeno, yes please!

American Made-2971

It was lovely to be at Martha’s headquarters, the space is beautiful, resplendent with light and filled with lovely, creative people.

American Made-3712
Photo by Anne Weil

Of course, there were some fab crafting stations. I wanted to gobble up all that neon cording!

American Made-3750
Photo by Anne Weil

And then, there was Martha herself, who always knows how to command a crowd. The event had workshops and panels with other small business owners and was chock full of inspirational stories. Part of me wanted to drop everything and build an arm knitting design business immediately, arm knit pillows nationwide? . . . . hmm, if only I had more hours in the day.

American Made-3762
Photo by Anne Weil

I hope you are finding your own “American Made” making hours in your day.

xo anne

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