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life & design

Head Over Heels . . . Spring Showers

Spring Showers
1) Pink Cloud from Cocoa Jackson via Kate Cho, originally pinned by Tururu
2) Raindrop Blouse from swirlyarts via femke dik
3) Cloud Plate from Opera Gliniana
4) Dee Teardrop Earrings from Nordstrom
5) Cloud and Spot 3 from Paper Moon Illustration
6) Raindrop Tote from Harvest Textiles as featured on Milk Tooth’s Rain

Lots and lots of raindrops and clouds everywhere I look. I’m hopeful of what all these showers have to bring us this spring, but can’t say that raindrops or clouds are as catchy a motif as stars, can you? Still, lots of cute raindrops are a-fallin’ . . .

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