Head Over Heels: The Merrythought's Key to Great Branding

I am always on the hunt for that illusive key to great branding. I have been following The Merrythought for years, not only for their amazing ideas, but because I am in awe of their consistent branding and aesthetic. Then, you add to that fabulous DIY projects and you can’t go wrong! Are you a fan of living simply with beautiful things to surround you? If so, Manda and Caitlin, the creators of the blog, The Merrythought, are your go-to girls for inspiration.

I can barely name a project of theirs that I don’t love! Not to mention, I’m always a little jealous that they are a team. How I would love doing this work with a partner! I couldn’t wait to share the work of The Merrythought with you as the next post in my series Head Over Heels.

The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought
Here is their hanging chair (see DIY below) when they featured my fabulous floor pouf! The styling on this whole scene is perfection. Before I introduce you to some of my favorite projects of theirs I wanted to share a little mini-interview with them so you can learn a little more about what inspires their creativity and craft, and discover what they think the key to great branding is:
What inspired you to start The Merrythought?
A few years ago we both had separate personal blogs and we had started collaborating on a lot of projects and parties that involved styling, crafting, and baking. We found that we had a real passion for it and made quite the team when we were working together! Manda and I had come to a spot where we were being very intentional about the process and photography behind each project, but were really struggling to find the right space to share the content that we were creating. We decided to create a blog that we could use as a space to share those things in a way that would encourage others to try them out as well!

What would you say to the person who doesn’t think they can DIY?
We are passionate believers that everyone can DIY! Our best advice is to start with a small project that seems truly useful and inspiring to you. By starting this way, you’ll bring enough excitement to get started on the project and to help you to follow through until it’s finished. There are tons of 5-minute tutorials out there that people of any skill level can do! Once you’ve finished your project, pick a perfect spot for it and every time you pass by it you’ll get a bit of satisfaction from seeing your own work on display around your house! The more you try, the more confident you become!
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought

Your brand and aesthetic are so consistent. How did you hone it? What is the key to great branding? what tips would you suggest to others to do the same?
We do feel it’s important to keep your brand and aesthetic consistent for your business – but it’s also a representation of you and your personality, so it will definitely evolve with you as your style and tastes change over the years. The most important thing is to make sure that it’s something you feel comfortable with and really like, so that it’s authentic to you. Whatever you’re currently loving and into – make sure to consistently incorporate those into what you’re showing – whether it’s through photos or projects. If you have specific colors, trends, objects, etc. that you love, most likely it will end up showing up in some form in your work and your aesthetic will emerge from that. And if you’d like to change up your style a bit, do it slowly, so it’s more of a subtle change and not so drastic. But definitely be willing to change when you’re feeling it and to try new things. Those simple changes will keep your creative juices flowing and keep you loving what you’re doing.
Take a look at their blog, and you will quickly realize how hard it was for me to choose my favorite projects to share. However, here are 8 projects you must try! Take special note of their key to great branding evidenced everywhere below!


Head Over Heels for The Merrythought

1. Crochet Hanging Planter
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought

Do I need to even explain why I instantly fell in love with this simple crochet pattern for a hanging planter? Super easy projects like these excite me because they give the opportunity for beginners to create something small, yet still get that sense of accomplishment. The excuse to get yet another succulent plant in my home is another bonus!


2. Hanging Lounge Chair
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought
I fell in love with this lovely lounge chair when The Merrythought featured my pouf on the Great American Pouf Tour few years has passed by since that post, but I think my love has only grown! Whether hung inside or out, if you can handle drilling a few holes, this lounge chair could be yours!


3. Beauty Dock
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought
Make your morning’s more organized with this simple beauty dock. With small spots for your makeup essentials, everything has it’s very own place. It may even motivate you to clean out your makeup supply! I mean how many lipsticks does a lady truly need :).


4. Strawberry Banana Popsicles
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought
I think popsicles are the quintessential treat of summer! This recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth, and also boost your intake of healthy fresh fruit. Plus, eating off a stick is just way more fun!


5. Wood Hairpin Lap Desk
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought
Some days call for doing work snuggled up in bed. Making this lovely looking lap desk means you can do just that. Note how the key to great branding for the Merrythought is so evident in this photo. We see the wood, metal, white coverlet, and the beautiful ceramic cup. Obviously, this whole scene is something they love, and in turn, something we love!


6. Modern Cake Stand
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought
Elevate your cake game, without even having to improve your baking skills! In fact if you can glue, you can do this one step DIY. That’ right- it’s upside-down pencil holder glued to a hardwood round. I wasn’t kidding when I told you these girls were creative!


7. Pallet Couch
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought
You may be ready to write-off this project as “too big”. Trust me, I thought so too before I took a closer look. With only 7 steps, ( step-by-step pictures included!) it’s an super affordable way to add rustic charm to your outdoor space.


8. Knit Planter Cover
The Key to Great Branding: The Merrythought
Of course, I had to finish with a knitting project. What can I say? This knit plant cozy contains all the things I love. With chunky yarn, simple stitching, and sharing the art of knitting in an accessible and appealing way, I say bravo!


I think just looking at their photos and blog helps illuminate the key to great branding. There’s a consistent color palette, a steady flow of similar materials and consistency in photography too. Thanks so much to Manda and Caitlin for sharing their gorgeous work with this world. We love what you do!!

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