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anne weil

Listen To The Interview - Martha Stewart Living Radio

I have been working VERY (read, *too*) hard to get the Martha Stewart Living Radio – Flax & Twine interview up on the blog! (The interview is embedded in this blog post on two different players down below.) I was so excited to be on the Living Today show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio last week to talk about DIY Costumes. Little did I know how that would be the easy part. Do you remember my post on floundering? Man, every new thing in this world has its own steep learning curve. To post something like this interview requires a lot! Figuring out how to record it, edit it, move the tracks, fade the tracks, export to the right file format in garage band was one thing. Then comes the how do I get it on my blog? Where do I host the file? How do I host the file? I went through trying to do it on YouTube and then gave up because the inserted photos came out wonky – gah! hours wasted. I won’t continue to bore you with the process, lets just say that, with perseverance, I got ‘er done!

The interview itself was a lot of fun and just flew by. It’s always interesting see the process behind something like that. The producers call you pretty much the second you’re due to go on. You don’t have the opportunity to introduce yourself or talk to the host except during the interview itself. I was a little nervous to hear what I said because I don’t think I registered any of it while I was doing it. When I played it back, I was pleasantly surprised and I hope you will be too!

Here is one option that is working on SOME computers.

Or, try this one:

Of course, I’ll take this costume discussion as an opportunity to remind you that you can learn how to make all these great costume pieces shown in this blog post in The Costume Box, my costume course over at Craftsy. If you want to read a review of the course, read this post by The Mother Huddle or this one by Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Its a super fun class and you’ll learn so many great techniques! AND, its not too late for Halloween, you can whip up these costumes super quickly. If you want to purchase any of the pieces, come have a look in my etsy shop.
This wand was one of my favorite pieces.

I’m never one to limit my dress-up to Holidays either. These costumes make great every day costume wear.

I love Allie’s little feet in this photo!
We have a big 9th birthday coming up for Charlie this weekend. As I mentioned in my owl post, we are having a Hogwart’s party. We will be going all out with a sorting ceremony, divination class, potions class and of course, a real quidditch game (minus the flying). Although, there WILL be fourteen 9 year-olds hyped up on sugar – so I may be wrong about the flying part. Hope you all had a marvelous weekend.

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