Make the Ranta Scarf by We Are Knitters

Ranta Scarf by We Are Knitters

I’m so excited about my new Ranta Scarf by We Are Knitters. I’m in love with this Spotted Mauve color. It’s the perfect blush. I was thrilled when We Are Knitters asked me to knit one of their beautiful kits because I’ve had my eye on this one. I think it’s going to be my new go-to accessory this winter. It looks great with everything, especially denim!

Ranta Scarf by We Are Knitters

I love how this shawl scarf isn’t fussy at all. It is lace but on a grand scale. Don’t let the word “lace” throw you into terror as this is just about the easiest lace to knit. First thing to know about lace knitting is that one side is almost always a straight purl, so 50% of the scarf is mindless. The second thing about this lace, is it’s just the same two stitches across the whole width, so once you have that down it’s easy-peasy. It’s not much more difficult than straight knitting.

Ranta Scarf by We Are Knitters

I love how the fringe along the two edges of this triangle scarf makes it fun and flirty. I feel like it adds the party to the piece.

The stitch definition on the We Are Knitters Petite Wool is fabulous. I’m sorry to say that you cannot buy the pattern for this scarf separately. You have to buy it as a kit from them. Still, it’s not SO bad because this is beautiful yarn to have it in. It is soft and fluffy and just right.

Ranta Scarf by We Are Knitters

With the Ranta Scarf, you will want to block it because as you knit lace it can pull a little sideways. It may help to get a set of blocking wires to help you get the scarf shaped just how you want it.

What you don’t see in this photo is my massive knee brace. I managed to tear up my knee skiing so I’ve been in recovery mode over here! Thank goodness for making or I’d be losing my mind!

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