Mid-Make and Utah Adventures

I’m on Spring Break with my kids this week and I’m taking it as an opportunity to do some stitching. I love embroidery but somehow don’t tend to choose it when I’m at home – too much knitting to do, maybe? In any case, I love embroidery, there is nothing more peaceful and soothing. I’m working on a little Japanese Sashiko here which is absolutely lovely, both to do and in its simple beauty.

We are in Utah skiing for the week. Sandy was able to join us for only a weekend (no rest for the weary NFL draft-preparers), but what a fabulous weekend. For the children, I think they hadn’t realized how much they had missed our Colorado winter adventures. Charlie put it best, “Mom, it feels like we’re home.” Well, it near breaks my heart to hear that, but I suspect they relish the outdoor snow adventures all the more because they don’t get it in Baltimore. They are so happy and exhausted at the end of each day, it’s magnificent.
I’ve been doing a little x-country skiing myself, which yes, has made me do a little CO yearning of my own. But, it feels so good to get my heart a-pumping, the cold air in my lungs, and the wind in my hair, I’m just enjoying each moment. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

xxoo anne

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