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Mid Make: Project Bags

I’m feeling the crunch of post-vacation. Why does vacation always seem to create more stress, or at the very least, an extremely long to-do list? There’s something messed up about that. But, I did have a wonderful time–lots of fun moments, deep breaths, crisp air and cold snow. I’m going to hold on to that this week.

I’m putting together a few finger-knitting kit orders today. Makes me happy to think some little kiddo is about to learn to finger-knit ? Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

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Caught My Eye 03.15.13
blueberry sorbet

Caught My Eye 03.15.13

1) Lavender Bouquet from Nicole Franzen from La Buena Vida2) Blueberry Sorbet from She Who Eats3) Chives via by Cannelle Et Vanille4) Liberty Twill Fabric Blush Pink Floral from Truro Fabrics

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Head Over Heels  . . . the Romantic Child
baby girl

Head Over Heels . . . the Romantic Child

1) Tutu du Monde Peek-a-Boo Cape from Thumbeline2) i like you via from Kristina Miletieva. Illustration by Katie Daisy3) Floral Dress via from Ainara Perez-Solero 4) Girls Camel Coat as photograph...

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