Mini Holiday Wreath DIY

Holiday wreath DIY

I saw bunches of Bittersweet Vine the other day at Whole Foods. I was immediately smitten and knew they would make for a beautiful Holiday Wreath DIY. I’ve never worked with Bittersweet Vine before, but the mixture of yellow and red amidst the falling leaves as we lean in towards the holidays brightened my post-Halloween funk.

Wreath Placecards-2810

I’m starting to get in the mood, are you? Usually, I’m slightly annoyed that holidays get pushed on us so early, but I am excited to embrace them this year. I look forward to Thanksgiving!

Holiday Wreath How To

These vines also inspired another DIY that I think you’re going to LOVE! I look forward to sharing it with you tomorrow.

Holiday Wreath How To

There is something so pleasing about wreaths, especially ones made from natural material. I’m not sure if it’s the circular base shape or the texture and interest of once living things, but they tend to make my heart go pitter-patter.

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Because of the form of the branches and the berries, each wreath ends up with its own unique shape. This Holiday Wreath DIY is easy to do (though some of the berries did burst with an orange juice), and they brightened our home instantly.

Mini Holiday Wreath DIY

Holiday Wreath How To

:: 1 bunch of Bittersweet Berry Branch
:: 20 gauge wire
:: Wire cutters/pliers

Holiday Wreath How To

:: Cut lengths of the bittersweet vine ranging from 5" to 10" depending on natural branch length. The closer to the top of the vine, the more pliable the branches are for your wreath circle. Bend a branch to form a 5" circle in shape. If super pliable, twist end around the branch as you bring it around. If the branch is stiffer, overlap ends.
:: Pull a 5 inch length of wire tightly around and around the bundle and ends to secure.
:: If berries are sparse or it doesn’t have the look you want, add smaller length branches as desired to the circle and secure.
:: Repeat!
Hang the wreaths at varying heights by feeding a loop of twine underneath the wreath and feeding the tails through the loop, tighten.

Happy making! xo anne

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