My Reality

This is my avoidance doodle. I like to doodle when I become overwhelmed by my reality.

I had great plans for this week that rapidly fell apart with the unexpected snow day on Monday. This week, I felt lots of pressure to do more, have more done, to be more. I started panicking about what project I was going to knock off the Finish Fifty list this week. Then, I began looking around at my still towers of boxes from the move, the dirty kitchen, the piles of laundry (at least it’s clean), the stacks of paperwork and thinking I’ll never catch up. I can’t actually imagine ever feeling put together, organized and on top of things. Sometimes, people ask me how I hold down a part time job, parent three kids and write the blog. This is your answer. This is my reality most of the time. Don’t be surprised if I delete this post at some later date . . .oh my, embarrassing.

I actually had the thought yesterday that I just don’t want to make anything this week. That’s when I know I’m really overwhelmed. Do you ever feel like you just need to slow down, pull yourself out of the flow of things and think for just a second? I thought that might just be okay. Maybe, I could get a box unpacked while I was at it. Well, I didn’t unpack a box, I doodled instead, but it still felt good.

And, I still have corners of my space that look like this . . .

Or this. It’s all about what you see, right?
My mother comes for a visit this weekend and we’re going to bring the kids to the eastern shore for four days. I’ve decided to forget the piles, leave my computer at home, and not bring 5 projects–just breathe and relax. Good idea? I think so. I’m pretty sure I’ll want to make stuff again when I get back. Happy Easter!

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