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fall update-3045

How does the time pass so quickly!? In November, the days are short but the sun is bright. That light seems all the more precious because of its daily scarcity. I love Fall days. They are my favorite, but they seem to fly by so fast! I thought when I turned in my manuscript the first time (in August) that there was going to be all sorts of space and time. It didn’t really work that way. There was tons to do passing the manuscript back and forth with my Editor and the Copy Editor at Potter and reviewing tester feedback (thanks testers!). Whew! I have to admit that when I have found a little time on my hands, I have tried to spend those nuggets with my family.

fall update-72

Now, I just turned in the manuscript to be “poured” into the graphic format – squee! getting closer. So exciting to see what the pages will look like! I’m so anxious to eventually show you all this arm- and finger-knit goodness. I hope it blows your mind! . . . . next September! I know. I know. It seems so far away, but as this Fall will attest, I’m sure the year will fly by before we know it.

fall update-3838

In other news, I recently had photographers at my studio taking shots for an upcoming studio feature for a magazine! I can’t wait to show you more of that. Until then, look for sneak peeks of my studio space @flaxandtwine on Instagram. What’s incredible is that I actually re-organized my studio. I didn’t just clean the surfaces like I do sometimes, but I really designed everything into a cohesive space with a little help from the lovely Jess of MakeTribe. It brings me a little squeeze of joy to walk in there every day. I used to dread it (a little) because of all the clutter and general disorganization. Now, grant you, our guest room is a mess, but my studio is a haven.

fall update-3011

Actually, I kicked Sandy out of the room (he’s a good hubby who has a perfectly good office at the Ravens facility–sorry, sweetie!) Now the room is opened up and full of plant life and tons of other things I love. What amazes me is the fact that it took only 5 hours to clean up, organize and style in a beautiful way. That’s hard to swallow considering I’ve been here in this house for 2 years. I say this, not because I’m being hard on myself, but more to push YOU to tackle that project that’s been getting you down. You’ll feel so much better having done so.

fall leaves, Flax & Twine

In the mean time, Baltimore Fall truly has been glorious. I’ve been out and about collecting leaves with the kids and hiking with the dog. We’ve been loving the sunshine on our shoulders. Alas, snow, sleet and rain was here all day today and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So, buckle up for that wild, holiday ride! Be back soon!

Fall walk, Flax & Twine

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