Pretzel Log Cabins - Feature in WhipUp's Action Pack

I have so much fun brainstorming projects for’s Action Pack. Kathreen always picks such great themes you can rif off of. This issue is Sticks & Stones. I am super excited to have these Pretzel Log Cabins in this issue. I have one other project in this issue too! Lucky me, lucky you ?
I wanted to build real log cabins that the kids could build by themselves, but thought the sizing and cutting would just get too time intensive. Instead, I thought, why not build with something really consistent in size, but also something edible and easy for the kids to handle-pretzel sticks! (okay, pretzel “rods” technically, but I took some poetic license). You’ll have to get the magazine to find out what I used for glue. But, let me tell you, its tasty. I hadn’t eaten it in years. Throw a guess down in the comments section – see if any of you can tell.

What I love about this project is the PLAY factor. From start to finish, the kids were giggling and building and eating and making up stories and eating some more while they thought of the most outlandish tales. They didn’t care about precision or details, but just had fun building and then interacting with the cabin. Sometimes, in my effort to make beautiful things, I forget to just enjoy the process and let it all ride.
These cabins provided a full day of enjoyment. A full day! armed with only a bag of pretzels, a jar of the *special* glue, and some play things. We tried smurfs and dolls and army guys and monsters and aliens and zoo animals and dinosaurs and on and on! Okay, truth be told, we had a crazy mess in the basement when these were finished!
To be honest, I think the cabins provided so much fun because of their fleeting nature. The cabins were not meant to last, but were meant to inspire.
Of course, I think the best part was total destruction at the end! What can be more fun than that?
Go check out this issue of Action Pack – so many cool projects in this issue including slingshots, message stones, whittling, a tic tac toe game, jewelery, and my other project, yummy cinnamon “sticks!”

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