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back to school

Slowing Down and Gearing Up

Ohh dear,
I feel like quoting Harry Potter : “Growing bones is hard business.” This three broken bones thing is taking its toll. I have to admit I’ve been tired, going to bed early and generally taking time to recuperate. This means my blogging has slowed significantly. The dearth in recent posts has me sad, but I’m hoping to resolve that as we head into fall.

My kids are all back in school full-time, starting today. These are their first day back to school photos. I have done this series every year since they started going. I have to thank my husband for the excellent smiles. He can almost always get them laughing (usually by pretending to do something to me!)
So many exciting things are just coming to fruition, including an on-line course that will be public soon, a new knitting pattern to publish, an upcoming column in one of my favorite magazines, and perhaps exposure in a national magazine. All of these things are thrilling, but have left me drained from a very busy summer. But, I think I managed to balance all the work with some wonderful vacations and kiddo time too. I think they’re looking healthy and happy for it!

Still, there is something about “going-back-to-school” that gets me excited to organize and accomplish all the things on my to-do list. So, I’m gearing up again . . . ready to get at it (especially when my cast comes off in one week)! I’m excited to share my new developments as they happen and of course provide more crafty and fun ideas and adventures here through the fall!

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