Eat & Make, Sweet Paul Book Review

Baked Donuts

Though Sweet Paul’s book, Eat and Make, came out a number of months ago, I wanted to share a book review with you now. One, because I’m getting ready to bake for a whole house load of holiday guests. Two, it would make a fantastic Christmas or hostess present. And three, because I was just so charmed by it, and I know you will be too!


I found the Sweet Paul book so lovely because it simply felt truly personal. You can see, feel and hear Sweet Paul in every page. It may be because I had the opportunity to meet him this year (a treat in itself), but he did a magnificent job of putting himself into his book. After writing a book myself this year, I realize what a feat that is.

Baked Donuts

With sweet anecdotes and introductions, you can’t help but love him, just as you can’t help but fall in love with this book. With every page and every story, you feel as though you can adopt Sweet Paul’s family traditions as your own and pass them on to your family in the most loving of ways.

Cinnamon Buns

The recipes are simple and easy to make, as are the lovely kitchen crafts that are sprinkled throughout the book. All photos in this post are mine – I made the delicious baked donuts and the tasty almond buns – both of which were as good as they look.

Baked Donuts

The talented Alexandra Grablewski took the photographs in the book and frankly, the book is worth it just for the beauty of them! With classic Sweet Paul styling, full of charm, and the gorgeous light and texture, I was dazzled!

Cinnamon Buns

Do you all have guests coming in to town for Christmas too? My brother, sister-in-law, and mother are all arriving tomorrow. I’m so excited. I’m hoping they love Auntie Gunnvor’s Skillingsboller (Almond Buns) as much as I did. I love to bake for guests as baked goods feel like such an indulgence these days! My husband thinks baking is a ridiculous waste of time–you spend hours making it and then spend hours wishing you hadn’t eaten it all. Well, pshaw! I love making yummy, gooey things to eat regardless. Thanks Sweet Paul for so many lovely things to choose from!


This review of the Sweet Paul book Eat & Make was given in exchange for a copy of the book. All opinions expressed in this post, and all posts, are my own.


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