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Six Swoon-Worthy Modern Quilts


I love modern quilts and have since I was a little girl. I especially love quilts with a lot of white space – not surprising! Though I covet them, I have never gotten around to making one myself. It’s on the list, though! I’ve been seeing so many stunning modern quilts lately that I wanted to share some of my favorites.

I couldn’t find the place to buy this exact quilted blanket shown above, but the pin links to this shop: Ivie Baby Modern Bedding. The photo looks like someone quilted the beautiful triangle fabric that Ivie features in this cozy blanket, stitching along the lines of the pre-printed fabric. What a brilliant “cheat” for a fun quilt that wouldn’t take terribly long. And, isn’t it pretty?


This geometric quilt is the Glacier Quilt by Jennifer Meakins. Jenny Meakins has an Etsy Shop where she sells beautiful hand made modern quilts. It is a bit on the empty side right now, but here’s hoping she adds quilts regularly!


The detail of this modern quilt of machine stitched hexagons had me at first glance! The hexagons were made with a Carolyn Friedlander charm pack like this one (not the exact one).


I love the color gradation of the hexies across the field of white. The way the geometry of the hexagons and triangles works is just lovely!

circle quilt

This beautiful Double Wedding Ring Quilt is by Brigit Gail. She made this quilt for her parents’ wedding anniversary – lucky parents! You can find Brigit’s Etsy shop here.


This modern quilt is the Tiny Tile Quilt by Purl Soho. You can buy everything you need to make this gorgeous quilt here.


I love how the tiny tiles quilt looks up close. As always, Purl Soho has plenty of simple and beautiful modern quilt and blanket patterns available here.

baby quilt pink and black

I love this simple triangle quilt. The flow of color designed in this asymmetrical way is perfection. You can find the quilt written about here. The maker doesn’t share a lot about herself, but boy she has a beautiful gallery of quilt ideas.

pink and black hearts

Look at the adorable little black heart binding! This quilt was inspired by this small quilt below.


Well, I hope this collection of modern quilts has you as inspired as I! For more modern and lovely quilts, follow my Quilted Pinterest Board here! I keep thinking about my new dining room and how it needs some softness. Maybe a modern quilt is the answer. Though fiber is never far from my thoughts either!

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