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The Great American Pouf Tour - Week 2

chunky knit pouf how to

We’re in to week two of The Great American Pouf Tour – have you been following along? It’s so exciting to see these poufs show up in some of my favorite bloggers homes. I feel like there is a little piece of me with all of them. The buzz around Knitting Without Needles continues to build and I’m just over the moon about it. The autographed copies in my shop are going like hot cakes, so you may want to grab one before they sell out.

chunky knit pouf how to

SF Girl By Bay Pouf Tour Stop

The photos of this hot pink pouf made for Victoria Smith of SF Girl By Bay did not disappoint. Her home is truly swoon worthy! I’d like to tell you that I have some great story about how I know Victoria, but I don’t. It is really just a story of me loving a blog since the very beginning and being beside myself when she said she’d love to participate in the pouf tour. Really, the adage is definitely true, for amazing things to happen, sometimes you just have to ask. I’m beyond thrilled that Victoria shared the book with her readers and am hoping I’ll get to meet her face to face some day!

chunky knit pouf how to

Erin Souder | Earnest Home Co Pouf Tour Stop

Apparently pouf tours are not complete without the obligatory adorable dog. Forget the pouf, just give me that dog! Add that little nugget to the list of items of envy spotted in Erin’s gorgeous world. Most people are familiar with Erin’s blog which used to be House of Earnest and now goes by Earnest Home Co. Erin does amazing, modern DIY projects that always wow with their simplicity and style. These days Erin has expanded into other frontiers. Erin sells and designs gorgeous home goods at Earnest Home Co. I am in LOVE with her aesthetic. Just look at this scene with the things from her sop.


Erin also is drawing back the curtain in front of the seemingly unknowable world of product manufacturing. She has a great new resource designed to help independent designers create, manufacture and profit from their own product lines. I met Erin at Alt. I fell in love with her from the start. She is smart and saavy and generous. I am a lucky duck as she has been my accountability partner for almost 6 months. It has been great getting to know her and so comforting to have a partner on this crazy and wild ride of growing a creative businesses. Back to that envy. . . excuse me, but who wouldn’t want this amazing office studio of Erin Souder? The gold tiered shelves, the lucite chairs, the cow hide rug, the pouf – sigh.


Susan B Anderson Pouf Tour Stop

The lovely Susan Anderson shared her pouf on Friday. Susan requested a pouf with a range of colors, starting at medium gray and going to black. I love the tweedy, variegated result. Susan is a beautiful knitting designer, with a collection of stunning books. Honestly, after writing one, I am in awe of everything she has accomplished. Susan and I are virtual friends, having met through Instagram or the like. I look up to her for all she does in the knitting world. I was absolutely honored when she said she would review my book which you can read here.

chunky knit pouf how to

The spinning wheel, the roving, the mug of coffee . . . yes, I’m ready for that Sunday afternoon!

chunky knit pouf how to

Lots more to come. I’m also building up my in person appearance schedule, so there will be more on that soon. Don’t forget to stop by to see the others in the coming weeks! If you’d like a kit to make the pouf, you can find them in my shop!


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