The List

I’ve been thinking a lot about the new year — 2011. It seems large. It feels like big things are in store for me. I get excited, but then, I start thinking about specifics – What will this new year mean to me? What do I want to accomplish? Where do I want to be at the end of it? I can think of answers and an ever-growing list in response to each of these questions . Typically, I make a massive “goal” list every year. Who am I kidding – I make to do lists all the damn time and I don’t usually have much success with them. The list either becomes totally overwhelming or simply disappointing. Actually, I think the very existence of the list contributes to my not appreciating what I HAVE accomplished in a given year or period of time.
So, I’m going to do a wild and crazy thing and I’m NOT going to make a list for 2011. There are going to be no absolutes. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t have any goals, but I believe my body and my being know what these goals are. It will follow them naturally – in the natural course of being – I just need to keep myself open and aware. I think that if I spend more time in the present moment, I won’t feel like life is whipping by me with no time for my “to do” list. I’m thinking that if I just live in each current moment, I might even get more “done.” Or, actually, I could find myself living more life – which I think is actually the goal.
Sometimes, life could be enjoying an unbelievable sunrise outside my house. It could be just sitting quietly side by side with my son reading a book (this was his resolution for 2011 – More quiet reading time with mama – love him!). It could be working on my latest project. Or, it could be reading the Proposition 207 waiver by the next business day for my work conference call. I am going to see if I can know what needs to happen without worrying or creating huge “to do” lists. I’m going to focus on each present day and make the most of it as it is. I’m going to let a lot slide without worrying about it. Things will happen when the need to and are meant to happen. Long and short of it . . . lists aren’t always what they are cracked up to be. Happy New Year!

P.S. What’s crazy about these photos is that I didn’t futz with them at all – these are photos straight off my iphone – yowsers it was pretty!

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